Monday, March 20, 2006

So far, so good

I have raised $155 toward my goal of $500 for the MS ride. I'm pretty excited about this. You can click the link on the title to go to my page and donate. Thanks!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Please donate to help fight Multiple Sclerosis.

I will be riding in the 2006 MS 150 bike tour in Logan. It is on June 23-24. My goal is to raise $500 before the ride. It is 150 miles over 2 days, and all proceeds will go to fund MS research. If any of you know someone who has this, or have personally been affected by this horrible disease in any way, you know how important medical research is. It takes over lives of otherwise healthy individuals. I have seen it up close, and have seen the effects on families and the individuals. Please make a donation in any amount. The above link will take you to my personal page where you can ePledge using a credit or debit card. It is Tax Deductible! I will also put the link on my sidebar. Tell your friends and neighbors, and let's get this going! I will give an update as the weeks go by. Thanks!

Thursday, March 9, 2006

My new favorite drink

Yummy! It has a full serving of fruits and veggies in one 8 oz. glass. It's perfect for the morning with cereal or just alone. I have the Tropical Orange. Mmmmm.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

No, I'm from North Carolina

A funny story about a girl in Emma's class.

So I volunteer in Emma's class 2 times a week, and a few weeks ago, a new girl named Brianna transfers into her class. The teacher tells me I need to work with her because she is from Italy and speaks very little English. I'm up to the challenge, so I take her out in the hall one day, and start asking her questions. No reply. I'm thinking she totally doesn't understand me, so I just keep talking. Blah blah blah. She keeps staring at me with this blank expression. So I finally say, "I hear you're from Italy. I went there on vacation once. It's very beautiful. Do you miss it?" Suddenly she sits straight up and says "No, I'm from North Carolina" in perfect English. Apparently she's not FROM Italy, but she's been there a few times to see her grandparents. The teacher just heard it wrong. She speaks perfect English, but is very shy, and won't speak up in class. Good thing she did, or we all would have thought she was Italian all this time!

Thursday, March 2, 2006

What is this, you ask?

Well, I heard somewhere that it was a spinning bike. But I'm pretty sure it's a contraption for a slow and painful death, probably of a stroke or heart attack. It makes you sweat in places you never knew had sweat glands, makes you sore in places you thought muscles couldn't get sore, and makes your lady parts hurt like the most brutal form of child birth. I do have a point here.

For some reason, my little sister (and I mean little in every sense of the word), thinks we, including my older sister (notice I didn't say big), and my sister in law (also a tiny thing), should each take a leg of the Logan to Jackson bike race. Yes, that's Logan, as in high up in the mountains Logan, to Jackson. Yes, Jackson Hole, Wy. Now I'm no geography buff, but I can tell you this. Logan is high in altitude, and I'm pretty sure Jackson is higher. Doesn't that make this whole race up hill? Yep. And I know it takes a few hours to DRIVE to Jackson from Logan, so how long will it take us and how many miles is it? It's 239 miles, and will take approximately 3542 hours. Okay, they give us 18, but I'm pretty sure my first estimate is more on target.

So why am I doing this you ask? Let's just say it has something to do with a missing video tape of Keifer Sutherland and I. 'Nuff said. Oh yeah, and I'm a masochist. So begins my training. Spinning, spinning spinning. My head is spinning, too. I must be nuts!!