Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Haunting, Again

My mom is back. She is haunting us for reals now.

Yesterday I was at PT, and Sean was home doing chores. He likes to do chores. It's not because I make him, I swear. He was changing the sheets on our bed, and at that moment, he heard a loud pop! and a hissing noise coming from the master bathroom.

Upon investigation, he found that a can of dry shampoo had ruptured, spraying its contents all over the bathroom, and it spun feverishly around and around in the sink where it had landed.

Now. I have been around hairsprays and cans of product under pressure for years. I think it would be safe to say I have come in contact with thousands of cans of this nature over the years I've done hair. Not one time in my life have I heard of a can rupturing like this without a good reason. It wasn't hot, there were no heated tools near it, in fact, none of my hair tools were even in the bathroom at that time. They were in the car with me, since I had to go to work later that day. It literally burst on its own, with no rhyme or reason.

Except I think my mom was trying to tell us she is still here.

Sean said after it happened, he sat and "chatted" with her for about 5 minutes, telling her we are all doing okay, and that we're happy here, and that if she needed us to do anything, to let us know. I'm not sure what an exploding can of dry shampoo means, but it could mean we need to clean up more? I don't know.

I don't really care what the meaning of it is, I'm just glad that she's around to keep us on our toes.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Let's Get Physical

You know you're singing that song now, huh? I loved that song when I was little. I love ONJ, she's so cute, with that short shaggy hair and that accent. Ahh, young Olivia Newton John. Now she's a cancer survivor and has endured the heartbreak of a lover lost at sea. Weird, no?

None of that has to do with this post.

Today I start Physical Therapy! Can I get a Woop Woop? No? Party poopers. I bet you're thinking I need PT because of my last marathon. You'd be wrong. As hard as it is to run a marathon over the course of one month, that is not the reason.

I dislocated a rib.

I know, right. I didn't even know that was thing. I still sort of have my doubts, except I've seen it on an X-Ray, and my awesome chiropractor says he can feel it pop in and out. And it's pretty painful. My doctor said he sees this a lot in elite athletes. Yeah, totally me. He also sees it in working moms with anxiety and depression and anger management issues. Nope, not me.

Since there's pretty much zero they can do about it, I decided that PT was my best, if not only, option. Actually, the chiropractic adjustments have helped, but still, when I run, it comes back, and it's hard to breathe, and when you're chubby and running, it's already hard to breathe, so there's a good chance my next run won't end well.

I've heard good things about PT. I know lots of people that have had good results from it. I also know lots of people that say they were on the verge of punching their therapist in the face because they hurt you so bad. That may have come from my grandma, she was awesome. And with my anger management issues, he better watch it.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Haunting

Thanks to Spencer, Sean has been on this scary movie kick for the last few weeks. First it was The Crazies. Scary at the beginning, then just got dumber and dumber as it went on. I thought maybe I had grown up a little and could handle a scary movie in my old age. I was wrong.

Friday night brought A Haunting In Connecticut. Holy crap. Seriously? That is some scary stuff. I think the fact that it's based on a true story (or so they say), makes it even more scary. There are glimpses of ghosts that disappear the second you turn to look for them. There is a locked room in the basement that has been sealed off for some unknown reason. There are rainy nights and full moons and creaky floors, you know, the works for scary movies.

I don't mind the creaks and dark basements so much. I mind the men jumping out and the old fashioned mortician appliances that look like tools of torture.

But it makes me think of my mom. I know, creepy, huh? But I'm pretty sure she's haunting us. My kids love it. I love it. And it's not scary at all. I love that she is around this house, bumping things at night and making things fall down. I hope that means she likes having us here since she hasn't done anything to make us scared.

I wonder if I could make a movie about a happy haunting? It probably wouldn't draw much of a crowd, huh?

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Pretty Scary Stuff

We went to Lagoon's Frightmares on Saturday. (Sort of like FrightFest for you Six Flags peeps, but with less cool make up and more kiddie themed stuff.) You know, since we have season passes we have to make the most of them! It was the second day of Frightmares, and a Saturday, so I thought it might be crowded. Turns out, no so crowded. It was a perfect day. Cool in the shade, warm in the sun, not a cloud in the sky. The kids were having a blast, and I got some relaxing people watching time in, which I will miss dearly when the park closes.

Shortly after this photo was taken, we decided to go through one of the haunted houses they make specifically for Frightmares. It was a 3 Spider rating on a scale of 1-4. Pretty scary sounding to me. But Maggie and Sean were up for it, so we left Gretta with Emma, and headed in to our doom. The whole haunted house was painted in 3-D paint, and you had to wear 3-D glasses. It was pretty cool. Maggie did well, she didn't put on her glasses, and that helped a lot. As we got toward the end, I commented that it smelled like gas. Just then, a masked man jumped out and pull started a chain saw and chased us down the exit ramp.

I'm pretty sure Maggie pooped her pants. Or maybe that was me. I don't know, but it was pretty darn scary.

I think we'll stick to the kiddie straw maze and the haunted house rides. Those are just up my alley.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun For Friday

Today I give you this little gem. (Oh, I totally crack myself up with that one!) Found in Las Vegas, next to our favorite frozen yogurt place, USwirl.

Do you see it? Do you? At least they're "Better Jewelers", and not "Best Jewelers", but I'd hate, or love, to see "Good Jewelers", and the grammatical errors they could come up with.

I'm such a grammar snob. I see errors all the time, especially on professional custom signs. It makes me think that the sign makers should double check all the proposed spelling, otherwise, it makes both companies look stupid.

But it gives me good stuff to blog about.

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Facebook Fail

Facebook is down. Sean says it's a sign from God that I should blog more.

Perhaps he's right.

Because here I sit, wishing I could facebook about facebook being down. Instead, I'll blog about facebook being down. Sadly, I don't even have anything facebook-y to share on facebook, but I still wish I could see what others were facebooking about.

I personally feel it's an attempt to draw more attention to the movie about facebook that is due to come out.

Publicity stunts. Fail.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's For Lunch?

It's 10:30 ish at my house, and the kids are already asking for lunch. This is so funny to me. They get up at the butt crack of dawn, okay, like 7, eat a ton of cereal and yogurt, and then by 10:30 they want lunch. Man, it's a good thing they don't go to school, and have to wait until 12:30 for lunch, they would starve!

So for today's "lunch", we're having two things. Maggie is making her own quesadilla, which she loves to do since she has figured out how to use the 30 second button on the microwave. Fine with me, I don't mind giving her a little bit more independence. And Gretta is having Ravioli. Only the kind from the can. We bought some Roasted Pepper And Braised Short Rib Ravioli that came in a bag a few nights ago. I liked it. The kids? Not so much. They prefer Chef Boyardee. I guess their palates aren't ready for more than that yet.

Even though it's a little early for lunch, I don't mind too much. I have bowling today, and if the kids eat lunch here at home, that means less moolah I have to for over for bowling alley snacks later on. Win win, see? I bowl, they play, no greasy food. I do have to say that I don't agree with the bowling alley rule about now outside food or drink. I need my McDonald's coke, and the snack bar coke just isn't the same. Maybe I'll try and sneak it in. Do you think they'd revoke my league membership?

Probably not worth it for a little coke.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If There Was A Way To Write The Sound A Drill Makes, It Would Go Here

Maggie gets to go to the dentist today. She absolutely looooves the dentist. Do you sense my sarcasm? Actually, we all went to see Dr. Matt last week, and none of us cried. That's a pretty big deal. But even though 4 of us checked out cavity-free, poor Mags has a couple of doozies.

She's not too scared of what's to come, yet. She has been fine all morning. I'm sure she'll be fine up until they put her in that chair and start tilting it backward. Oh, the screams that will be heard. There will be drooling, and snot, and lots and lots of tears, I'm sure. And then there will be her, oh boy. ;)

I have always hated the dentist. As a kid, the only time we went to the dentist was if we had an abscess, or needed a root canal. Never for a cleaning. I didn't even know people went to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned until I was married. Go figure. We've been lucky enough to have a great family dentist, and cleanings have remained fairly consistent. I know that's a huge blessing. Dental insurance is cheap, but dental work, even with insurance, is not.

I don't think Mags will need root canals. She had to have one last year, and it was pretty bad. These ones look like they'll be okay. But then again, I'm no dentist, so what do I know?

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Taken Over

I hope this post speaks to at least a few of my bloggy friends. You gals get me, so I'm sure it will.

Is it just me, or has Facebook basically taken the place of a blog? I have 2 reasons for thinking this.

1. I can access Facebook a million times a day (and I probably do!), and post mild to moderately witty status updates throughout the day. We'll call them mini blog posts. Less wordy, more to the point, but a lot less satisfying.

2. I'm only on my desktop computer, from where I blog, once in a while anymore, so my blog suffers. I sort of figure why bother blogging when I can just update Facebook. It's sad. I'm not really sure what this means for the future of blogging.

I love my blog, I really do. I love going back and reading the mindless spewing that has come forth over the years. I especially love reading the posts I wrote when my mom was sick, and shortly thereafter. It brings back such good memories. I know that sounds weird, but that was a really important time in my life, and I learned a lot during those weeks. Plus, it makes it feel like she's still a part of my life.

I also love looking back at all the pictures of my kids and my life over the past few years. I need to get back to that. It's just hard now, because before, people wanted to see what my life was like in a different state, with new adventures and all that. Now that I'm back in boring old Utah (wink wink), it's just not the same.

So even though I don't get where this post is going, I guess it's just a reminder to myself more than anything that I need to be better at documenting my life. I know not everyone that reads my blog lives in Utah, so you're probably interested in what's going on here. I'll be better, I promise. I promise I won't let Facebook completely take over my social networking.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Room Temperature-Ish

I was asked to join a bowling league. A wha??? Yep, apparently people my age (ahem) are in bowling leagues.

So of course I couldn't turn it down. Mostly because I love the cutie pie that asked me, and I was intrigued to see what it was all about. After all, Kathie looked for a preschool schedule for her baby that wouldn't interfere with her league schedule, so I figured it must be fun.

Turns out I'm not a great bowler.

I'm not even that good. I'm mediocre, and that's being generous. My first game I got a 98. Not bad. It just went down hill from there. By the end of the third game, I was tired, my left butt cheek was sore, and my ball kept listing to one side or the other, no matter what I tried to do to correct it. I think my other two games were in the 70's. Great for temps, bad for bowling.

On the plus side, I met some way awesome ladies. I mean, here I come, toting my 2 children and a bag full of crafting supplies to keep them busy, they've never met me, and they let me sit and chit chat with them like we're long lost friends. Good ladies.

Also on the plus side, there was an abundance of spiky hairdo's. Always a good laugh. Not that I don't love the spiky, because I can totally understand personal style, but to see so much of the same 'do in one place was hilarious.

The games were cheap, the shoes cheaper, and the kids were easily satisfied with a drink and some highly nutritious bowling alley grub.

I think I may enjoy this "sport" after all!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fun For Friday

Not everyone is book smart, so I guess it's good that some people have a skill.

I'm guessing grammar isn't one of his.

Happy Friday!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moving The Lawn

Sean likes to mow the lawn. He has never been the mower in the family until now. Now that we have a riding lawn mower for him to borrow. Of course, all these years that I've mowed the lawn, I've always done it the hard way. I don't mind giving him this pleasure, of course, because I'm too scared of this behemoth to drive it around all the various lawn obstacles.

But Gretta, she's all in. Every time this thing is fired up, she is out the door, and begging for a ride. She will sit with Sean for an hour and help him move the lawn. That's how she says it. Move the lawn. I think it's darling. If you want to hear something else she says that's darling, ask her to say truck. Yeah, that's a good one.

And here she is. I love that Sean has hearing protection, but not G. Eh, she'll be fine, I'm sure. But the lawn looks great, and Gretta is in a good mood. Can't ask for much more than that, huh?

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