Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Childhood Fears

I was a horrible child.  I don't know how many of you know that.  But it's true, my siblings can attest to this fact.  I was afraid of everything.  The wind, the water, the boat.  Mostly I was afraid of one particular location at which we would vacation every year.  Quake Lake in Montana.  We went to Yellowstone every year, and every year my dad would make us camp at Quake Lake.  I'm pretty sure he did it to torture me, and by proxy, my mother.   I would scream and cry the whole way there, and I wouldn't sleep at all during the night.  It always rained, and I was scared of the rain anyway, but this place made it downright frightening!

I've been back as an adult, and I still find it just as frightening, and I certainly would never ever camp there, but it's an interesting place to visit.  If you don't know about this place, here is a good link with all sorts of creepy pictures.  Imagine a child with an overly active imagination and a fear of everything seeing pictures like these.  Oy.

Wendy and I did a quick trip to Yellowstone a couple of weeks ago.  By quick, I mean over night and one whole day quick.  We have a daughter due to give birth at any time, so we have to remain within pretty close proximity.  We  did decide to take the first evening to drive up to Quake Lake before we checking into our motel.  I warned her about my fear.  Turns out, I'm still pretty freaked out by the whole thing.  Even having her there with me, I had to force a smile, but I had to have a picture to prove that I was in fact there.

This is in front of one of the ruined houses that fell into the lake the night of the earthquake.  Creeeepy.  

We spent the next day speedily exploring Yellowstone so we could make it home before too late.  We got to see all the things we enjoy, and got to see new things too!  She had never waded in the Firehole river, and neither of us had seen Beehive Geyser erupt, so that was fun!  It was a good quick trip.  We enjoyed the time away.  

Now we just wait for the new baby, and pray that he won't have the same childhood fears that I had!  

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