Thursday, May 31, 2007

2 things

  • Happy 39th (?) Anniversary to my awesome parents. (insert picture that has somehow vanished from my computer here)

  • And I'd like to give a hearty shout out to the checker at Wal-Mart for, despite a screaming baby and a toddler peeing her pants, needing to do a price check on a greeting card. 'Preciate ya.

A little indulgence

Thanks to my cute friend Brittany for giving me this idea.

I think it's important for us to focus on our good qualities and talents. Sometimes this can feel selfish or indulgent, but it helps us realize that we all have worth. Whether we have a full time job, a part time job, no job, stay at home, home school, are social butterflies, or shy wall flowers, we need to remember our selves. So here goes.

5 things I've accomplished this week:

1. Stayed current on my laundry.
2. Gave my mom a haircut.
3. Made a grocery list a mile long!
4. Checked the pool twice a day.
5. Cleaned my bathroom, the girls bathroom, and the nursery.

5 things I'm good at:

1. Taking care of my home. I like a clean, fairly organized place to live.
2. Getting up in the middle of the night. This just doesn't bother me.
3. Finding humor in just about everything.
4. Taking care of my kids. They might look like orphans occasionally, but I let them dress themselves and brush their own hair. I think it's good to have them assert their independence.
5. Relaxing. I love to lay by the pool and just chill.

5 things that make me feel good:

1. Seeing my kids learn new skills. Potty training, swimming, smiling, you name it.
2. When I hear Sean's truck pull in the driveway after work.
3. Accomplishing 1 task a day. Maybe it's laundry, dejunking a drawer, or dusting.
4. The smell of Gretta in the morning. I don't know what it is, maybe the diaper full of pee, or the spit up down her neck. But seriously, that is the best smell in the world after a night of good sleep. And seeing that sweet smile just makes it better.
5. 500 thread count sheets. Like butter.

5 things I love:

1. My home
2. My family
3. Pictures of other people
4. Vacations
5. My life

5 things I like to do:

1. Laugh at everything (and everyone!)
2. Catch up with friends and family
3. Blog
4. Nap
5. Eat good food

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fry those babies up!

We had a fun Memorial day, busy for sure.

7 AM Breakfast at my mom's house.
11AM Cook up bacon for the summer salad (see recipe exchange for recipe!)
12PM Arrive at cemetery for Veteran's Program
1 PM Arrive at Aunt Julie's for BBQ with ENTIRE family.

3 PM Enjoy Nap
6 PM Arrive at Troy and Kelli's house for Tempura Party.
9 PM Finally home for the night!

Wait, tempura party, you ask? What could that be? I said the same thing. Pretty much it's where you tempura fry anything you can think of. The above pic is of the yummy veggies we did. Sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, onions, potatoes, green peppers, and peas. But then we had to mix it up a little. Pickles. Not so good. Beef jerky, pretty tasty. Sushi, yeah, yummy. Snickers and Twix, heavenly.

We had a great time. In fact I think we had so much fun we made the earth move! (there was a small earthquake that night, like a 2.5).

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Self Portrait Tuesday

What's in your wallet?

Well, I don't really carry a wallet, per se, but more of a large duffel bag. Shall we play a little game of "I Spy"?

  1. Wipes.
  2. Diapers.
  3. Purple first aid kit.
  4. Glasses.
  5. Burp cloth.
  6. Bib.
  7. Wallet.
  8. Hand sanitizer.
  9. Pen. (which by the way, I can never find!)
  10. Knife. (that has been overlooked by many an airport security camera, and not on purpose!)
And the white thing next to my wallet is a sock. 1 sock. With a sticky purple star shaped earring stuck to it. Not really sure how that ended up in there, both the sock and the earring. And I'm certainly unsure of where the other sock is!
So there is my life in a bag. I feel

I think that about does it.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bumbo Gal

We made a trip to Target today, (say it Tar-Zhay), and picked up this cute little thing.

I thought getting Gretta up off her head and giving her a reason to strengthen her neck muscles would help with the Physical Therapy. I had never heard of Bumbo until I watched some show and they had them on.

Now if only I could get those hands out of her mouth for longer than 1 second to get a picture of her!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rice Rice, Baby.

After our visit with the pediatrician, she gave us the all clear to start solids!

At this point, it's more for practice than actual nutrition, but considering Gretta got most of it in her mouth, she got a good amount of nutrition anyway! As you can see, she wasn't too sure of it at first, but then we got smile after smile after each and every spoonful. Dang, she's a cutie!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

4 months

Vital Stats:

11 pounds, 14 ounces

26 1/2 inches long.

Freakin' cute.

On a side note, it seems as though G has a case of plagiocephaly torticollis. A fancy schmancy name for a crooked head and tight neck muscles. A little Physical Therapy and a visit to a plastic surgeon should do the trick.

They say it's your birthday....

dun nuh nuh nuh. Happy Birthday To Carter!!!

My oldest nephew turns 11 today!!! 11!!! Wow, I was in college when he was born. I can't believe it's been 11 years! Time truly flies.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Self Portrait Tuesday

Old friends, new friends.

This is not the best picture of Gretta, but it is the only (?) picture I can find of my newest bestest friend Laura. And it's not even a good one of her! I guess I'll have to do some serious picture taking at the pool this summer. Laura and I have lived by each other for nearly 5 years now. We have been friends for 3 of those years. I'm not sure why we weren't friends before that, but it doesn't really matter. I first met laura at the pool, and then we were made visiting teaching partners shortly thereafter. But we really didn't become fast friends until one fateful weekend in July of '05. We decided to take the trailer and head to Aspen for a long weekend to watch Laura's husband Rob race his mountain bike. We had a series of weird events happen on that trip. It started with running out of fuel on I-70 exactly half way between Green River Utah, and Fruita Colorado. At 3:00 AM. That was one expensive tank of fuel. We had to wait on the side of the road for the truck to bring us the diesel, and we sat on lawn chairs under the full moon and chatted. On the side of the freeway. What a sight we were. Then later that weekend Laura and I decided to hit the spa. Turns out they had some freaky "vapor caves" under the spa which supposedly released toxins from your skin with their natural healing properties. HA! They were like sweaty mine shafts that smelled like rotten eggs! It was a total Ghetto spa. But we still had fun. Then Rob rubbed Ben-Gay on his boy parts, crashed and beat up his shoulder, and we drove home in a hurricane! It was good times. Laura is a great friend. She brought me treats when I was put on bed rest. She shares her trash mags with me and makes awesome food. She emails me everyday, just to say "hi", and some how she just knows that good food, sun, and a good magazine make my day! She's the best!

Sean and I go way back. Way, way back. Back all the way to Kindergarten. And maybe more, but I don't recall. So that definitely qualifies him as my oldest friend. And my dearest, of course. I realize that just "knowing" someone for years doesn't automatically qualify them as a friend, but the thing about Sean and I is that we have been friends this entire time. We have always had a special connection, even in the early days. Who would have ever thought that after years of saying he was "just Sean", we would end up falling in love. Insert "awwww" here. Not that our love and friendship hasn't been without its ups and downs, but alas, love is a turbulent ride. All these years we have sworn that it is our friendship roots that keep us together and also gives us the silly humor we share.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Swedish Meatballs and Baby food!

I recently received the mailer for our new Ikea that will be opening in 2 days. I'm an Ikea virgin, never been there, never ordered anything, I don't think I've even sat my butt in an Ikea chair. But after reading through the mailer and seeing that they serve Swedish Meatballs and baby food at their cafeteria, I was quite excited. More for the meatballs than the baby food, but I'm sure Gretta will get excited about that in a few months from now. I also found a nice bookcase and desk that will compliment my home nicely. So be prepared for some serious home updating pictures to follow.

I'm looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about. I can only hope it will live up to my expectations. I'm sure it will.

edit: I braved the crowds of people on Wednesday, May 23, for the opening day of Ikea. It was all I could have ever wanted. For those of you familiar with the area, the roads getting to Ikea way were all closed, save one, which was being used only for one way traffic to the store. The traffic was backed up from Bangerter Highway and 200 West, around the boat shop, and through a field. And despite being so busy, they kept traffic moving steadily, and parking was very organized. I actually got a front row spot! Inside was a different story. So many people. I didn't buy anything. With 2 kids, and small cart, and lots of stuff I wanted, there was no way I could have carried it all. Besides, I want to go back with Sean so he can partake of the Ikea paradise.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The case of the missing popsicle

We're having a crisis right now. I let Maggie enjoy the last orange dreamsicle, and it seems to have disappeared. I can't find any evidence of it. No stick, no orange drippings, not even an orange mustache on the little devil herself.

Where could it be?

And on a side note, we will no longer by buying orange dreamsicles.

Edit: Thanks to Michelle for asking about the Popsicle. The latest update is I never did find any evidence of the popsicle. I never found an orange puddle, an orange stick, or even an orange mustache on the dog. I guess Maggie ate it, stick and all.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

It's bananas, B A N A N A S.

I made banana bread yesterday. Let's just call it banana brick. The ends turned out nice, but it is all soggy in the middle. Even after an hour of cooking and the top getting almost burned. I'm not a baker. I know this, but I still try.

And on a side note, where does all the brown stuff come from inside the banana bread? You know, the little lines of black? I always thought people put a special ingredient in there to make it do that, but I only used bananas, butter, flour, sugar, egg, and baking soda. What makes it do that?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Playground Politics

This last Friday Emma tried out for her school talent show assembly. She was so excited to do it, and even though we only had 2 days notice to practice, we threw together a song from Toy Story 2 for her to sing. She has a beautiful voice, and gets lots of practice singing Primary songs every night in bed. But you can't sing Primary songs at school.

We waited patiently for her turn, clapping after each and every child played their instruments or sang their songs. One child in particular even played a song with one finger, one note at a time. There were also 2 guitar players, and they were pretty good.

Finally, it was Emma's turn. She was nervous, and so was I frankly. I knew she would do well, but it's a very scary thing for a second grader to get up in front of her peers and sing. I started playing, and she came in right on cue. Every note perfect. She even held the last notes like we had practiced. Perfect. I was so proud of her.

Monday they announce the finalists for the assembly. Guitar players, check. Karate kid, check. Girl that played the piano with one finger and one note at a time, check. Emma the singing wonder kid, nope.

What? You ask? Let's just say I'm pretty sure that if I was at the school all day everyday like one finger piano playing girl's mom, Emma would be in the assembly. Why do they have to crush the dreams of second graders? Why can't there be a class talent show so all the kids can do what they wish? And why is it that I know life is full of disappointment, but I feel like I want to shelter my kids from that as long as possible?

I used this as an opportunity for growth, stating such obvious facts as "you have talents that can't always be shown in a talent show", and "I know you are more talented than all of those kids put together". And yet she still cried. And I felt like crying with her. I feel guilty for not being more involved in her classroom, knowing if I was, she wouldn't be dealing with this. I feel guilty for feeling guilty about that, knowing that I don't want to be part of the politics of second grade. But what's a mother to do? Do I call the teacher and ask why? Do I just let it go and forget the heartache I saw on Emma's face that day? Do I enroll her in piano lessons so she will learn how to play the piano with one finger, one note at a time?

I've always said parenting gets harder as kids get older. Not the kind of parenting where you're up all night, or not sure which shape of binkie to buy. But the kind of parenting where you have to pray constantly for guidance and help. And now I know I have entered that realm of parenting. I pray everyday for the safety and well-being of my kids. And now I pray that some how they can overcome the challenges of life and use those challenges to make them better people. It is what we all have dealt with, but I was just hoping I could put it off a little longer. At least until third grade.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Self Portrait Tuesday

Wow, Tuesday already. This is shaping up to be a good week. This weeks challenge was for Mother's Day. Pay a tribute to your mom in a special way by showing what she has taught you throughout the years.

This is what my mom has taught me. The power of a good family. She has done so much to keep us all together. She has us all (count them, 6 grandkids, sometimes 6 second cousins, and 3 of us kids plus our spouses, totaling 18!) over to her house every Sunday evening and happily makes brownies, cakes or whatever to keep up happy. We have great conversation knowing that we can say whatever is on our minds without being judged. We celebrate our birthdays, any holiday, and she cooks us turkey dinner for Conference Sundays. We do everything together, thanks to her. When we think of going to dinner, on vacation, or just hanging out at the pool, our family automatically comes to mind. I think part of this unity comes from the fact that my mom has worked with (for?) my dad for the last 38 or so years. Everyday. All day. And they are still married. From this she has taught us all patience, and long suffering. ;)

So thanks, Mom. Because of you we will always be friends. We would be even if we weren't family. You've taught me well. I hope I can teach my kids the lessons you've taught me and in such a good manner.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

After a particularly upsetting Mother's Day, (details to follow), I started thinking about what I wish for my kids. Here's what I came up with:

To be good people.
To be sincere.
To have a good sense of worth.
To know they can rely on their family.
To be independent.
To be courageous.
To be content.
To be achievers.
To be quiet when necessary.
To have a wicked sense of humor.
To love.
To be loved.
To grow old.
To stay young.
To make good decisions.
To stay true to who they are.

I know there are a lot of contradictions there, but isn't that what life pretty much is? Seeing the full circle of family makes me realize I only have a short time to mold and shape my kids into the adults they will become. I think all I can do is tell them and show them how much they are loved, and hope and pray that they stay true to the Gospel and to what they believe inside.

Friday, May 11, 2007

You tell 'em, Oprah!

My super sweet friend Brittany,
is so like Oprah. 'Cept, she's not black. Or fat. Or a talk show host.

But she likes to ask questions. And these are the 4 she chose for me.

1. If you could choose Sean's next wife for him, whom would you choose?
I think I would have to choose someone cute and smart, and rich. So basically me, sans the rich and smart part. If I had to put a name on someone, I would say Jenny McCarthy. I think she is so cute. And she has a pretty perverted sense of humor, so her and Sean would get along just fine.

2. Who will play Keli in the Keli movie?

Pamela Anderson, who else?

3. Would you rather tongue kiss your father-in-law or lick a toilet bowl? (does Charlie read your blog??)

Have you met my father in law?

4. Besides life's necessities, what do you spend the most money on?

Ha ha ha, lotions and potions. And scrapbooking crap. I likey me paper.

5. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Of course, my 3 beautiful girls. They are so sweet and loving, and are very independent, which I love. I'm also proud of my marriage. We've worked hard for a lot of years to get this far, and It's nice to have some one who sticks with me through all the yucky stuff!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Close up

Well, here it is. This is not my ring, but the ring of someone I love dearly. My sister Meg got engaged last night! It's about time!!! We love Ty, and have a certain fondness for him since they were set up with help of some good friends of ours, and a little help from circumstance.

We met Ty at a pool party for the neighborhood. He is friends with our good friends Rob and Laura. Meg came to the party too, but had a boyfriend at the time. She and I stood outside the pool late talking girl stuff when Ty drove by to go home. She remarked about how fun he was and that he was her type. It was then I knew there was something there. Fast forward a month or so. Meg and said boyfriend were on the outs, and we had a trip planned to Brian Head to see Ty and Rob race mountain bikes. Somehow we talked Meg into coming, and we took her road bike as collateral. I knew if her bike was there, she would surely follow. Ty was planning on staying in the trailer with us even though he had only met us once before. So unlike Ty. He's a little shy. But he knew Meg was coming and was interested, so he toughed it out with Sean and I until she arrived late that night. Several times that weekend, Meg and Ty would be found walking together talking and laughing, and we knew it was a match made in heaven. And now, nearly a year later, they are making plans to spend their lives together. We couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What's this I found?

What a strange piece of laundry. This basket is G's latest mode of transport from upstairs to downstairs. Despite the look on her face, she really does love it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Self Portrait Tuesday

I'm trying something new. I found a website where each week she gives you a theme for a self portrait. This week was "Cinco de Mayo", and was pretty much whatever you are grateful for. the catch is that it has to be smaller than a deck of cards. This is what I decided on. My mouse. I'm very grateful for this little guy. Because of it, I feel like I have connected with family that is far away and I would probably never know otherwise, I have discovered many ways to organize my home, parent my children, survive pregnancy, whiten whites, heal cracked heels; I've found a dog groomer, a skin care specialist, and many many other services and people whom I feel have made life easier for me. So many times we hear how the internet can be so evil and bring horrible things into our homes, and yet I feel it has made my home a better, more organized, calmer, cleaner place to be. So thank you little mouse, you are wonderful.

Have you ever tried to take a picture with your left hand? Tricky.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Pretty food

"Little" baby Gracie. She is 3 weeks younger than Gretta, and she weighs a pound more. She's the meatball, and Gretta is the Noodle.

Chicken and Sirloin Strip shishkabobs. Is that even how you spell it? I'm not versed in my East Indian cuisine.

This last week I spent time in Las Vegas visiting my sister. They blessed their new baby, Gracie, yesterday. It was a crazy, fun filled week with lots and lots of family coming and going. But amidst all the chaos, (not the FlyLady kind of CHAOS), we managed to make this yummy dinner. I was kind of struck by the beauty of the bright colors against her dark counter tops. And let me tell you, it tasted as good as it looks. Vegas was fun, as always, and we are never at a loss for entertainment. Between the pool, play ground, and HUGE sandbox, the 10 kids were always entertained. The boys all went to the Super cross, while the men went golfing. That means Sean and my dad went golfing, while the other guys went to the races. The girls all enjoyed a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory in Summerlin, where I enjoyed the Chicken Madeira and a yummy Lemon Torte. All in all, it was a great weekend, and it's always good to see family. Now if only they read my blog......

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Soy Joy

I've done it. I've crossed over. It may be my old age, or just giving in to a "healthy" lifestyle, but it has happened. And there's a story.

Friday afternoon. Nice afternoon, breezy, cool, but not cold. Just right. So Sean and I decide to take advantage and get a babysitter for the afternoon and go house hunting. Mostly just for ideas, by the way. We also make plans to meet friends and family for dinner later. It is shaping up to be a fine afternoon/evening.

We head north to Fruit Heights. There is a model there we want to look at. Now, anyone who has ever driven North through Salt Lake at 4:00 PM knows how bad traffic can get. It was worse. We pass through the Murray area, and it hits. The pain. The gurgle gurgle. I knew I was in trouble. We make a pit stop in Bountiful. Better, but a few minutes back in traffic and it starts again. We take a detour off the freeway, and get stuck in more traffic. By this time I was pretty miserable. We decide to nix the house idea, and just head home before our dinner plans. Well, south bound traffic is at a standstill. Even in the carpool lane. About now I was vocally expressing my pain. Okay, I was groaning and moaning. And I knew exactly why I was in so much pain. I had eaten ice cream earlier that day.

Now, while I was pregnant, I became a little lactose intolerant. I figured it would subside after delivery like most other ailments (ie heartburn), but it hasn't. I knew better than to eat ice cream, but it just sounded so good. I gave in.

So here we are, stuck in traffic at 5300 south, and no way to get off the freeway. I was laughing at the situation. I was also eying the Big Gulp cup in the cup holder. I wasn't that desperate, but I was planning ahead just in case. I also knew dinner was out of the question for that evening. So our plans were ruined. We finally arrived home, and just in time, I might add. The babysitter went on her merry way, and we had cereal for dinner. It was a very troubling experience, and I decided I didn't want to go through that again.

I've been putting off trying anything Soy. I'll admit, I'm scared. I don't like new foods. I like my comfort foods. I'm scared that it will taste horrible, and somehow ruin my taste buds so they will never taste anything the same again. Or maybe I'm afraid the Soy fairies will jump out of the carton and pull out my tongue. I don't know why, I just am. But last night I got up the courage, and poured a bowl of Count Chocula with Soy milk. And what do you know, I survived. It wasn't too bad. It does taste different, but not at all what I thought it would taste like.

Nearly everyone I know drinks Soy milk. Even my mom. She likes the Chocolate Silk. Ty likes Rice Dream. Meg likes 8th Continent. So I guess I'm just part of the crowd now. I don't know if I could drink it straight just yet, but in cereal it was fine. I hear it's an acquired taste at first and once you start drinking it regularly, cow milk tastes weird. Maybe I'm growing up. Maybe I'm old. But I'm doing something new, and I survived.