Monday, July 12, 2010

A Plan Of Action

Remember how my husband lost his job? Remember how we moved back to Utah for school? Remember how we gave up much of what we had so we could afford to live on savings and my sole income so Sean could go to school?

That is our plan.

I just thought I'd reiterate that point since sometimes I forget that there is a greater purpose to all this.

Tell me we aren't the first people in the world to go to school with kids and no job. Tell me it's a noble cause, and we're doing the right thing. Tell me it's okay to want for things and not be able to have them because it's only temporary and soon enough things will be fine.

I promise we're not deadbeats. I promise Sean isn't just lying around being lazy on the days he doesn't have school. I promise that despite his pretty loaded down schedule, he still applies for numerous jobs, pays the bills, does laundry, and cleans the house.

I know so many people who go to school and work. I admire that. I really do. And trust me, if that opportunity came our way, we would totally do it too. But at this time, there is no other choice. Jobs aren't plentiful for what Sean does, so pickings are slim. It's not a matter of if he wants a job, it a matter of there just aren't any out there.

But again, we have a plan.

I just need to be reminded. Again. I tend to forget. And I think some people think we're just being lazy. I promise, there is a higher purpose to all this. One day it will be worth it. One day.

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grannybabs said...

Hopefully those you think are judging you aren't speaking out loud. Most people forget about walking a mile in the moccasins! But be kind to them too - maybe they have other issues!

Phoebe said...

We did it and it was worth it. We even had a baby during the school years-I am sure some people thought we were crazy, but we figured it out.
And we often talk about that time as being "the best years".
Hang in there! It will be over before you know it.

nikkipicky said...

I get the feeling your getting a little flack for the situation your in right now. I say tell them to POUND SAND!!!

I don't think people really understand what it's like to lose your main source of income and realize that changes have to be made in order to have better job security for the future. I know quite a few people who are making career changes that require education. Jobs that used to be plentiful are scarce and other fields might be a better option.

Hang in there. Your plan is good. Good things often times require sacrafice. ;) I'm almost due for a cut again. Text you soon. ;)

Chady said...

I am here to let you know you aren't the first people to do this. I have had the same thoughts as you have. My husband cannot work with what he is doing since there just isnt enough time in a day. Well in actuality he is working (clinicals, so its for free) and going to school in a sense, just no money to go along with it. Hang in there, you are doing the right thing no matter what anybody tells you. I have received a lot of slack from people as well, and you know what is best for your family! And it is okay!!!

mandee said...

So many people have had to rebound with this crazy economy...I know several of them in your shoes...don't let them get to are better than that...way is about how you make things work...not about how many things you have! Huggs!

amy k said...

There is a plan and there is hope. (I've been telling myself this for the last two years so I can't give up now.) I'm afraid it doesn't get easier. It's hard when your kids want something or you want them to have more but you can't give it to them. They will understand later. Hang in there! We are still trying to do the same. We need to get together the next time we are down! Miss you guys!

Jacob said...

Man I am living the dream! Now I just hope the dream comes true. I am almost graduated yet somehow I feel no more qualified for any job than I did before I went back to school. Yet somehow because I will soon have a little piece of paper employers will view me as an electrical engineer instead of a dirty construction dude.

Anonymous said...

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