Sunday, February 6, 2011


Is it just me, or have blogs become old fashioned?

I used to picture my blog as a sleek new toy that everyone envied. A place where I could spew my thoughts and troubles and life lessons in a safe, public environment. Does one preclude the other? Perhaps, but it felt good either way.

Now I sort of picture my blog to be a flip phone version of what it used to be. You know, it's still useful for certain, if not limited, purposes, but for the most part it only does one thing. It's starting to look more and more like the brick phones of the early 90's.

Has Facebook taken over where blogs once reigned supreme? Honestly to me, it sort of has, and I'm saddened by that. I like reading back through my old posts, that are neatly sorted by date, rather than having to search page by page through old Facebook updates. So in that respect, I would rather blog. But blogs are technologically cumbersome. You have to type in a blog address. So much wasted time. Where as Facebook is a one-stop shop for all life's need-to-know moments.

I'm not saying my blog is falling to the wayside permanently, but as you can tell, it has definitely taken a back seat. If you just can't live without my witty comments on the ups and downs through life, find me and friend me on Facebook. Or just learn to live with the sporadic posts on this blog, which are few and far between as of late. It's a sad day, but I feel like it's time to go that direction. Sniff sniff.

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nikkipicky said...

I personally disagree...:)

Facebook is too impersonal, mostly full of sarcasm and random moments. And you stop there for a quick visit but really dont want to stay. Anyone and everyone stops by whether they truly care or not. And no long lasting memories where you can reflect back on.

A much more. It says come on over and stay a while. More thought provoking. More real personality. Only the true friends visit the blog.

grannybabs said...

I agree with Nikki - Facebook is like WalMart - and blogs are like Nordstroms.

Eliza said...

RSS feeds make reading blogs almost as easy as Facebook. Except of course for private blogs, there's a problem.

I like blogs way better than the 'book. They are higher maintenance, both for writers and readers. But at least I don't, for instance, have random ads looking at me on most of the blogs I read, more of course than I can say for Facebook.

Thomas said...

I never look at Facebook and I don't like it. Keep blogging, you are a good writer! Leslie

Tami Allred said...

Ditto all of the above except I look at FB. Don't play any games but no one seems to comment so I'm kind of slacking at both. It seems blogging takes so much more effort, that it just doesn't get done as often. I have a good friend who is a writer and she quit blogging and strictly FB's. I was quite saddened by that, so don't quit.