Thursday, January 3, 2008

Goodbye, Apathy.

I understand it's the new year. And I also understand that many, many people are doing lists of resolutions they fully do NOT intend to keep. I, however, am not giving in to the crowd. I will not make a list of things I won't do this year. So instead, I'm making a list of things that will absolutely happen this year.

  • Moving across the country next week.
  • Gretta's birthday on the 22nd.
  • Aaron J's birthday (can't remember when, exactly).
  • Gracie's, Abby's, and Andee's (?) birthdays in February.
  • Isaacs's birthday in March.
  • Mindy's birthday in April, and Alex's(?,) and Eli's. I think Clara is here, somewhere too.
  • Gabe, Carter, Claire, Spencer, Ken, and Mike in May.
  • Jill, Olivia, Dad, Aaron, and Mom Clayton in June.
  • July brings Dad Clayton, Tressa, Jared, and Bryan
  • August is Emma, Michelle, Aimee, Me, and Kirsten.
  • September is Madison and Kelli.
  • October is Meg, Mom, McKinley, Maggie, and Troy.
  • November is un-birthdayed as of yet.
  • And December brings Sean and Kristen!
I'm sure these are wrong to some extent, and I've probably missed some one. No offense. Just comment and I'll fix it! But there you go. Things that will absolutely happen this year. No more broken resolutions for me!

*Edit: Mike informed me of my mistaken dates. I can't keep all of these straight!

Andee - March 6

Alex - May 17

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