Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vacay Day 10

Monday, August 3, 2009

Today was the big day. After spending the morning running a few last minute errands, and doing Meg's highlights, and possibly my own, unless you believe I'm a "natural" blond, we ran back to the in-laws to get ready for the wedding!

Not before a quick picture was taken with Grandma and all the (available) grandkids.

The little kids loved this swing. It's outside on the patio at The Gathering Place at Gardner Village. This was taken while we were waiting for the wedding to start.

A quick shot of the sisters, sans Jill. I don't know where she was when we took this picture. Probably sopping up some of her armpit sweat. She had on a silk dress, and lets just say it's not conducive to discreet sweating in early August heat. He he he.

Here comes the bride.... And the groom. Both looking nervous, but happy.

And Mags sneaking in for a quick hug after the ceremony. She thinks Noma is the bomb, because Noma is a crafter like herself. They have bonded over glitter glue.

We stayed and chatted with all the guests over dinner, and when the time came, the newlyweds were treated to a decorated truck. It may or may not have had empty beer cans tied to the back, and perhaps a nod to something about Viagra written on the windows. Who would possibly be crass enough to buy beer and empty it all out just for the sake of humor? I don't know. But it wasn't me that wrote the Viagra stuff. I would never do something like that!

We had a fun night, but we were sad to see it end. We had to leave for the airport at 4 the next morning, so we had to say our goodbyes that evening. It never gets easy leaving my sisters and brother. They fulfill me now in a way I never thought sibling could. We have become so much more than just relatives, we are friends. We are so very different, but we work together, and it makes life fun. I just love the gift that my mom gave us last summer by needing us all to work together and find strength in each other. Her joy lives on through our relationships. It's the one thing she always loved about our family, and we will surely keep it going!

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Jill Johnson said...

Amen! I miss you guys! I hope Mags has a great day today at school! I will call her later. Thanks for sharing my sweating problem with of of the blog world. Thankfully no pictures were taken of the pits! Love you long time!

Kalli Ko said...

Aw, congrats to your Dad. They look so happy. And don't worry Jill, you're not alone.

Kelli said...

I think we were all sweating a bit...Jill's just showed more!

Thanks for the beautiful bracelet...Love ya!