Monday, March 14, 2011

Buy Local

As a small (very small) business owner, I have first-hand knowledge of how important it is to buy locally. I've taken to spending more money in small one-man-band sort of shops rather than Wal-Mart, though I do still have a love-hate relationship with the Mart. I hope the shop owners appreciate this, because I know I sure appreciate the clients that bypass the various chain hair chop shops to come and see me, and keep me in business.

So in this vein, I decided when it came time to order new business cards, I would get away from the generic Vistaprint cards I've used in the past, and try a local gal that does great work. She has designed my sisters baby announcements, (the pictures came from here, she's my cousin, and very talented. Seriously, click those links, you won't be disappointed, I promise.) and she has always done a wonderful job. Plus, then I don't end up with the exact same business cards as two other gals in my shop. True story. Lame.

These are the finished product. I love them. They are cute, but not cutesy. Fun, but not immature. And this time they have all the correct information on them. My Vistaprint cards were ordered before the website, and before I had a physical address I wanted to advertise. These are much better.

So remember, there is always someone you know that has a talent they are trying to pursue. Or they know someone that knows someone. It never hurts to ask around before hopping online and becoming a number in a queue of thousands of faceless customers. Keep it local. Keep it small. And keep a business in business.

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exmish said...

We've been trying to do that more often too - and I've been surprised that it hasn't broken the bank (so far). Oberweis milk. Local feed store for pet food. Farmer's market in season. Etc. Along with that, I think it's important for all of us to start paying attention to where things are made, and choosing American-made over foreign when possible (e.g. New Balance shoes)...just sayin'. :)

grannybabs said...

I always shopped at the Ralphs in Arcadia - the next town over. Probably because my mom had always shopped at Ralphs. Then my neighbor said why not shop Vons in Monrovia so my sales tax dollars would go to Monrovia. So I started doing that - and it's been a good change.