Monday, March 21, 2011

The Eastern Ones

Friday night we decided it was time to actually go out and do something fun. I don't know what it was about this last week, but it seemed particularly brutal. Not for any specific reason, just generally busy and crazy, but that's nothing new around here. So we thought we'd treat ourselves to something we'd never done before.

We hooked up with some friends, whom we've been trying to get together with for months, but things just keep coming up. They are great fun, and they like Indian food. So we went along, because we're sheepish, and we follow what our friends tell us to do.

I'm asking you, why haven't we had Indian food until now? Why? It's delicious! Emma's best friend in Chicago was Indian, and we had dinner with them once, and she made pizza. Indian food fail. But this time, I actually went out on a limb and ordered something I knew would look disgusting, but it was delicious. Chicken Saag. Mmmmm. Green slimy cooked spinach with chunks of chicken over basmati rice. A little Naan, and I was good to go!

Problem with Indian food is that although delicious and very aromatic, the spices infiltrate your clothes and leave you and all your accessories smelling like Indian food. My phone smelled like it the next day. My necklace did too. Weird.

So next time we go to Taste of India, I'm wearing a rubber suit, and ordering the Chicken Saag with cheese Naan.

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hanner said...

i am always so surprised to hear when people have never had indian food before. it is so yummy and also easy to make at home. but i guess i hadn't had it till i was in college... so you're forgiven.

nikkipicky said...

I have heard Taste of India is really good. Honestly, I am a bit afraid to give it a try. You know me...creature of habit and all that.

Emily said...

yay! i didn't realize that you liked it that much. one more person converted! next time let's stop and get cupcakes across the street. :)

Nurse Heidi said...

Taste of Punjab at 86th south and 13th east is our favorite. Alan LOVES chicken tikka masal with peshwari naan the best.