Saturday, December 22, 2007

Home for the Holidays

We had some nice visitors on Thursday night. Jacob and Amy called, and were on their way to Texas to see Betsy, and needed a place to crash for the night. Of course we welcomed them with open arms. And an open front door. Since we were away at a work party, we just left our house unlocked, and they came right in and made themselves right at home. I'm glad they did. We didn't arrive home until much later than we expected, so they had a dinner of pancakes, and then took baths before we even got here! Of course we were all up late talking and playing. The kids had so much fun. They love playing with cousins.

Cruz, Kirsten and Maggie playing "Little People" on the landing. Cruz is a sport to put up with all that girl stuff around.

Katanya enjoying a breakfast of Cookie Crisp and orange juice. She bonked her face on the coffee table pretty hard, cut her tongue, and hardly even cried! She's a trooper.

Emma and McKay watching cartoons. Emma looks sleepy, and probably was, but I think I just caught her with her eyes closed. Oops.

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