Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Because I'm Cheap Like That

So I just ordered my Christmas cards. Yes, I did. I'm so on top of things. I am not a lover of Christmas, but I do enjoy sending out and receiving cards, so I do it each year. Usually I use Sam's Club's photo center to create and print my cards for a pretty decent price. No complaints. Not the best, fanciest, or trendiest cards, but they're cute, and they get the job done, only to get thrown away a couple of weeks later.

But this year, thanks to miss Lacey Fay, I found a great new thing. It's a way to get free Christmas cards. Yes, free. As in no tax, shipping, nothing. So free, in fact, that you don't even have to enter a credit card. Totally, absolutely, undeniably free. You should try it. Click here for the link to the site with the promo code. It's so easy, I did it in 10 minutes, including signing up! And I'm an idiot at 8:00 in the morning.

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Lacey Fay Cottrell said...

Mine came three days ago!! Love them and they do come with all the envelopes too! Such a great deal huh!

Darci & Devin Buhl said...

So glad you posted this. Seriously. I'm going to order some today. Thanks!

m&m'spieces said...

Thanks for sharing! This was pure genius! Sharing is caring! You are too awesome or maybe Lacey is???

Phoebe said...

Look at you-ahead of the game and super frugal. Impressive!

grannybabs said...

Looks like a good deal - obviously free is a good deal - but since I always send out 200 or more cards, I'd still have to pay.

And I already bought my cards.

I'd have given it a try otherwise.

Kelley Rae said...

Totally took advantage of this too. And FYI for those that haven't already done it . . . you can combine different cards to a total amount of 50. I don't send out 50 cards (guess I'm not as popular as Keli Ü) so I combined them with some announcements and thank-you cards. Still Free, free, free.