Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is It Thursday Already?

I don't know what the deal is with me lately, but I cannot seem to type normally. I mean, I know how to spell, and I know how grammar works, but for some reason I find myself backspacing to delete whole sentences that make no sense whatsoever.

Oh, and by the way, this post has absolutely nothing to do with the title, in case you haven't noticed already.

But while we're on that topic, is it really Thursday already? This week has really gotten away from me. Thursdays bring dance, and band practice after school pick up. Today I also have a doctors appointment, which I'm not excited about, only because I don't want to sit in an office full of flu-stricken sickies just so I can get a refill on my happy pills. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

So that's that. Nothing profound. Just random thoughts. You know, the usual.

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Jill Johnson said...

Just wear a mask. Everyone's doing it!

nikkipicky said...

And whatever you do, DON'T use the pen offered by the receptionist. Use your own. Germ infestation of the writing utensel. I swear. :0