Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Don't Want Your Address

I've been on the fence this year about Christmas cards. I ordered a whole slew of them last year, and then with the job loss and impending move, I managed to send out 2. 2. That is just sad. It made me feel like a failure, to be honest.

So in order to avoid the failure feeling this year, I'm just giving up on the Christmas card idea. We all pretty much look the same, maybe a little older, but not anything super. I just don't have the energy, 0r the time, or the money, to buy us all matchy matchy outfits and accessories, and then force my kids to look all lovely and sweet. They aren't lovely and sweet. My life is crazy and they are messy.

If you really want a true to life card, you can stop by any day and see my messy table covered in crafts and the TV set on Disney, and kids with crazy hair and morning breath. That is my Christmas card.

So I don't want you address. Sorry. You can check this here blog for any sort of joyous sweet moment that probably won't happen. And in the meantime, at least I don't feel like a failure. I'm awesome.

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exmish said...

If it makes you feel better, we didn't move or lose a job but I'm not doing cards this year. It isn't like I made any conscious decision to not do it....but I think with Facebook and blogs and whatnot...Christmas cards have become somewhat superfluous (that is an expensive word there; I have to drag it out every so often to make it worth having).

I think I will probably send cards back to the people who sent them to us, lovingly addressed to all of us...including Seth. :\ I think maybe they do need an update.

Definitely not a failure!

Jessie said...

Hey, can I get your address? Just kidding!

No really, I did do cards this year, and I do need your address. But not sending out cards is not a good judge of what is or is not a failure. I think I am the official voice that needs to tell you that you are being to hard on yourself. I did do cards, but I did NOT, carve, or purchase one single pumpkin for my kids this fall, except for a couple mini ones the day of Thanksgiving. I sent my kindergartner out to the bus alone today. Kind of on accident, but still, not lookin' so good on the awesome mom scale. I don't even want to describe what my house looks like right now. And I am about to walk out the door, (late) to Georgia's gymnastics class with semi wet hair, and no makeup, because I spent the time I usually do all of that in, NOT recording the ever so sweet pre-school Christmas song fest held today. When it all shakes out, I think we all pretty much come out even most of the time.



grannybabs said...

I was thinking that I needed your address - we have some pretty cool cards this year - email it to me and I'll send you one!!

And not sending cards it AOK - my mom has never sent Christmas cards - we got lots of them and enjoyed reading them, but it's not a requirement or anything!!