Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm exhausted. My feet hurt, my ribs hurt, and my back is sore. I had to work (dramatic tone, here) all day.

Insert tiny violins here.

Don't get me wrong, I love working. I love my job so much! I look forward to each and every day. Knowing that I have a talent to make people feel good about themselves really gets me going.

But how do you full time working moms do it?

Because I'm exhausted.

I did have the pleasure of coming home to a prepared dinner and a clean house and folded laundry and even clean sheets. So I didn't have to do much except load the dishwasher. How spoiled am I? I know I couldn't do it alone.

So to all you working moms out there, props to you. You have my respect for sure.

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grannybabs said...

I'm amazed at the young moms where I teach - I think, I have trouble getting here with just a husband at home - how do you get here with kids??

nikkipicky said...

We here at our house are grateful you are working...Bailee is LOVING her hair and so am I. Thanks to you.

Now for my new do....Plus I will bring my checkbook. :)

Anonymous said...

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