Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Really No Excuse

I understand it's the Holidays, and all, but this eating thing has seriously got to stop. Let me be clear. I'm not eating too much. I physically can't. But I can eat crap. Loads and loads of sugary sweetness and calorie laden crap.

People, I'm being honest here. I cannot remember the last time I ate fruit. Wait, yes I can. I had one raspberry off the top of my creme brulee the other night. Does that even count? I don't like fruit, therefore, I have a hard time eating it. See how that works?

But fo realz, what do I do? I feel like I can't make improvements in my eating habits because I'm so scared. That is just silly, I know. But it's true. There are a couple of variables to this problem. One, my kids. They complain about everything they eat. Unless it's macaroni and cheese. I might just drop kick one of them if they ask for mac and cheese one more time this week. And it's only Wednesday. Two, physically I'm not able to eat a lot of foods. Rice, out. Bread, out. Anything with a tortilla, iffy. Those things make me barf, and that's not good.

So where do I even begin? I know the best way to start off the day is with a good breakfast, but I can't physically eat breakfast, so I usually pop a couple of tums and have a glass of Ovaltine. Lunch is hit and miss, if I feel like it, I'll eat whatever the kids are eating (usually mac and cheese). Dinner time is the worst. My kids complain no matter what it is, and hubby will pretty much eat anything, so I usually defrost something and call it good. I can eat pretty well at dinner time, but sometimes I can't. If I still seem hungry later, I'll drown my sorrows with some Ben and Jerry's or some Milano cookies.

See? Bad. I need help. This is my rock bottom, I think.

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exmish said...

*hug* No major pearls of wisdom here - I likes me some sweets too.

On the fruit you like smoothies at all? It's one way to sneak in fruit, especially if you make it choco-banana. :) There are some recipes at The Sneaky Chef's website that incorporate cherry and strawberry purees into baked goods - another way to get in fruits (same goes for veggies - even ways to sneak in veggies into mac and cheese, but if your kids are like mine the mac and cheese sneak, specifically, does not go unnoticed and therefore does go uneaten ;) ).

Hang in there!

nikkipicky said...

I'm no help either. As I love sweets. I do however, like fruit. Crappy time of year for it unfortunately...

What about an orange? Do you eat those. The Clemetines or Cuties are delicious at this time of year. My kids even like them.

P.S. They do grow out of the Mac and Cheese phase...about Middle/High School. :/ (look at it this way it's cheap to feed your family)

grannybabs said...

I say go with the smoothies. Or make a New Year's resolution to learn to love fruit - it has been my salvation!! (before I only liked oranges and bananas)

As for the mac 'n cheese - try some excellent homemade recipes of mac 'n cheese - my kids started preferring those.

And if it's any comfort, as you get really old like me, you start to like sweets less and less - I find I can only take in the very high quality ones - which aren't always what everyone puts out at this time of year!

bet[c] said...

I second the smoothies. I LOVE sweets and I'll do the same thing as you. But smoothies are yummy for fruits and veggs you can also sneak veggies into breads, spaghetti sauce. pizza sauce and taco meat. good luck. be strong!

Jessie said...

You know those peppermint Christmas candies with the red and white on the edges and a green tree in the middle? My downfall this year.

brightonislove said...

My new favorite thing is to wrap things in lettuce. I do sandwiches, hamburgers, tacos, etc. So I'm still eating foods I like, but without so much bread. I don't know if that even sounds good to you though.

DAY said...

I'm no expert either, and food is a very personal thing...but maybe try to make a list of foods you like to eat for each mealtime...that way you can keep those foods in the house and you have something to go by when the hunger pains strike. for me anyways, half the battle was deciding what to eat. once i started making menus the task was simplified and not to mention time saving! i wish you the best with whatever you decide to do! and it sounds like the girls need to help in the kitchen...sometimes when they help prepare it, they're more willing to try it and possibly even like it! Ü