Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Red Car

Tuesday brought a crazy day at our house. Crazy fun, that is! Thanks to J-Lo and Dubyah, we were able to get in to Six Flags (I almost wrote Sex Flags, how funny would that have been?) for free. It's nice to have friends with connections.

So the kids enjoyed Wiggles World with Dubyah while J-Lo and I did the big kid stuff. I love roller coasters. I really do.

I also love "Amusement Park People". You know the ones. Swimsuit under their too tight shirt, cottage cheese booty hanging out of their shorts, and white socks with unlaced black tennies. Yep. Classy. Here's G enjoying her popcorn while watching the "Wiggles-esqe" show. That job blows. I bet those dudes get major ladies. Not.

Mags on, and I quote, "the most beautiful horse ever". Yes. Yes it was.

And G getting her cowgirl on. Dang, that kid is funny. I just love her.

So we had fun. I had a funnel cake sundae, oh my heaven. The kids had churros for lunch, cause I'm a good mom like that, and I was 15 minutes late getting home and getting Emma off the bus. Again, cause I'm a good mom. Hey, she knows the garage code, and came right in and made herself a snack. She was cool with it. Hey, I was distracted by all the latest runway styles, okay?

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