Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick Splash

Yesterday I was an uber motivated mom. G woke up all sorts of pissed, which I don't really understand, seeing as she's sleeping with a cashmere blanket these days. Really, cashmere. I wouldn't leave my bed. Anyhoo, she was mad at the world, and ended up going right back down for a nap. Meanwhile, a neighbor kid came to play with Mags. This is wonderful because then I have more time to blog, play solitaire, and download music. Not that I neglect them or anything, but they just entertain eachother so well, they don't really need me. Unless we have a pee-your-pants incident, and then I'm so there with new undies and shorts.

Okay, on with it. Comcast had to make their seemingly bi-monthly visit to fix my internet. I know! While they were here, I swept and mopped the floors, chatted with Kate and Dubyah, and folded 2 loads of laundry! After that, G woke up, much better I might add, although I'm sure the big dose of Tylenol helped, and the kids were super sweaty and stinky. What's an uber motivated mom to do?

*Image totally jacked off the internet. Not my kids. But it really is the spray park. So sue me. I forgot my camera, okay?

Yep. Head to the Mundelein Spray Park! Thanks to Carli and Shylo for inviting me. Even though I was late, thanks again, Comcast, and missed Carli, I was able to sit and chat with Shylo and her adorable baby. He is seriously so dang cute. He cuddles with her, and has this cute curly hair, and I could go on and on. But I digress. The kidlets sprang into action straightaway. G was first in, with Mags and T dumping buckets of water over her head. She didn't mind though. Again, I'm crediting the Tylenol. So we played for an hour, then headed home. It was a nice break during the day, and wore the kids out just fine.

Although Emma was a little miffed that she didn't get to go, but them's the breaks when you have school.

Sorry about the lame-o post. I'll be better next time. Stop yelling at me.

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