Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday Booty

No, it's not that kind of birthday booty, sicko's.

I was treated to a very very sweet necklace courtesy of Laura, and her renowned gift giving skills. This is a wish necklace, from Dogeared jewelry. Seriously, she knows all the newest, trendiest, funnest, most appropriate gifts to give. How cute is that? And I'm not talking about that mole, or "beauty mark", under my chins. I mean the necklace. Have you ever tried to take a picture of your neck? Not an easy task.

No, it' s not a pair of testicles dangling from a noose. Sorry. It's cherries. On a silk thread. You make a wish when you put it on, and when the thread breaks, your wish will come true. Hopefully the thread will break and those 40 pounds will come off before, say, Christmas? That would be awesome.

So thanks, BFF. You rule.

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