Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Mail

Again, thankyoublogger for publishing everything in reverse order.

Gretta was the proud recipient of some wonderful happy mail yesterday. She was so excited to see the box when we arrived home, but she was so tired, a nap took precedence over opening the box. After 2 hours of sleeping bliss, she was revived and ready to dig in.

Of course, with its being from the canine species, she is in love. Love, love, love.

And she's learning some grooming skills that will give her something to fall back on later in life.

You can see the pure bliss on her face as she sees the fuzzy fur peeking out of the package.

And here is the box we found waiting for us on the front porch. There are few things more exciting than finding an unexpected gift by the door.

So thank you, Mimi and Josh. You guys rock. Gretta is in doggy heaven, and has added to the dog pound in which she sleeps.


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