Thursday, January 8, 2009

Important Things, Part Deux

A few years ago, maybe 2 or so, Jill gave Sugar Daddy this nifty hitch cover shaped as a golf club. It's pretty cool. He loves it, though I wish she had given him the truck nuts, but it will do. This little beauty has seen a lot over the last couple of years. New wheels and tires, a new baby, a cross-country move, and 2, count them, 2 accidents.

And both times, this has saved his butt (no pun intended). The first time was last winter, our first here in Chicago, and surprisingly, most people are not great drivers when it comes to snow covered roads. Sugar Daddy had pulled in to McD's for a refreshing beverage after a long day of work, when he felt a little jostle. He didn't even spill his drink. So he pulls forward a titch, and sees what is left of a Dodge Neon in his rearview. Mr. Neon Driver was a little too ambitious when it came to getting his after-work treat. He hit Sean at a slow speed, but seeing as it was a Neon, and made of wax paper or something similar, the hood was now a taco, and Sugar Daddy's truck, well, it had nary a scratch. You could see where the Neon had made contact with the golf club hitch, and the hood of the car just folded around it. Score one for the Club.

The second, and hopefully last, time this happened, was just this week. As Sugar Daddy headed through an intersection at the left hand turn light, the driver behind him was so anxious to get to work that morning, he tried to push Sugar Daddy out of the way with his Pontiac. This time, the man was so shaken up, he couldn't even get out of the car, which I think has more to do with the fact that his tags were expired, and I'm just guessing he had no insurance, if you know what I mean. Sugar Daddy saw that again, the golf club hitch had saved his rear (sorry, I just couldn't help it!), and waved at the man, and drove off, leaving a Pontiac with a mashed in hood, and a very scared immigrant behind.

So Jill, you always win when it comes to gift giving. You are definitely the most thoughtful, and you always know exactly what will be touching and special. You could always make Mom cry with your sweet gifts. And though you probably thought the golf club hitch was a funny man-gift with no real purpose, know that it has served more than it's purpose of making aware Sugar Daddy's love of the game. I figure it has saved us at least 2 trips to the body shop, and who knows how many arguments about who is the better driver. And that, my dear sister, is very important.

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