Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Down

My baby is two. Two, people. Where has the time gone? So instead of blah blah blahing your ear off, I've included a sweet picture story, in reverse order, thankyoublogger.

Gretta showing off her pearly whites.

At the beach this summer.

Memorial Day bbq with the Ward.

Playing in the water. A favorite pastime.

Where her love of all things dog began. Camping last Spring in Wisconsin.

Enjoying some early morning play time in the Spring.

Love that hat. She gets laughs whenever she wears it.

Learning how to crawl. She was so skinny!

Swaddled up for nap time. She was so wiggly, if I didn't swaddle her, she would flail around and never sleep. And of course, she had the lovely helmet. It did make her head a nice round shape, so I guess all that stink was worth it.

And the birth shot. I could include several bloody C-Section shots here, so if you want to see them just email me, and they're all yours.

So that's it. My babes. Growing up too fast. But I have to include reasons we love Gretta
  • She knows how to get her way. That Pterodactyl scream gets the job done effectively.
  • Anything dog related is her best friend.
  • She loves Ranch Dressing.
  • The way she won't eat her own dinner, but she'll crawl up on your lap, open her mouth, and say "mmbite?"
  • She runs everywhere.
  • The way she "stays close" when we carry her from the car to the store/church/school, so as to keep her face buried in our shoulders and avoid the freezing wind.
  • When she lies down on the step when she needs her bum changed.
  • Her love of "Me's", which is Gretta's way of saying binky.
  • Having 20 blankets in her crib at night, along with her many many dogs.
  • When someone is crying, she gets such a sympathetic look on her face, as if it really makes her sad, too.
  • That she knows how to turn on the toy room TV all by herself.
Gretta, we love you. I'm sad to see you grow, but I love seeing all the new things you discover. You are truly a joy to have in our family. We love you!


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