Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Be Thou A Friend

I have good friends.

No, I have great friends.

While in the midst of this horrible depression, I was on the receiving end of several selfless deeds by said friends.

First, Dubya took my kids all day on Monday so I could run several errands. One of which was getting my windshield fixed, which would have been a complete nightmare had I been toting 3 kids around with me. Thank you, Dubya.

Next, J-Lo, being the sweet heart she is, stopped by one evening, just to see how I was, and to drop off a lovely potted tulip plant. All it took was a hug and asking how I was doing, and the tears that flowed pretty much said it all. Thanks, J-Lo.

Neighbor Kate was Saint Neighbor Kate yesterday when she popped her head in at 9:00 AM and practically shoved me out of the house, telling me to go do something fun. So I did. Hair cut, brows waxed, and a trip to the library, I was feeling much better. But she wasn't done yet.

After a noon-time phone call, J-Lo and Laurisa whisked me off to a fun lunch at Chili's. We ate and chatted, I cried, no surprise there, but I felt much better.

After I arrived home, Saint Kate had been alone with 4 children all day. And she wasn't even frazzled. She was my savior.

So thank you, dear friends. You have made a significant dent in my downer mood. I am feeling better. I even went to bed last night without a pill, and slept most of the night. That is a big step.

So today I'm just working on recovering from the dentist trip last night. More about that later.


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