Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Fun

Friday Fun shows an evolution of a Shih-Tzu when Sugar Daddy gets a hold of clippers and a wild hair up his butt.

Before. Fuzzy, unable to see where she was going, but warm.

Mid-cutting. I could have spun that fur into thread and sewn something from it, I'm sure. Maybe Shih-Tzu's are more practical than Alpaca's.

After. One.Very.Naked.Dog.

She hasn't been able to get warm for three days now. She will burrow under any sort of warm fabric she can find. I even found her lying in the sun that came through a small crack in our front window.

I feel bad for her. But in a couple of weeks she'll look much better, and hopefully we'll consistently be above freezing by then, so she can get warm.

Happy Friday!


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