Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Before I Forget

This was also a bittersweet Memorial Day. Normally I spend the afternoon at the cemetery for the Veterans tribute, and then meet up for lunch at Julie's house. I wasn't there last year, and it didn't really faze me.

This year I would have had a better reason to visit. Here are some shots of the headstone that I totally jacked from my sisters blog. Thanks, Jill.

The headstone is granite, and it was carved in Belgium. My mom would be pissed that it's so big. Not her style at all. But that temple engraving is so gorgeous, she would forget all about the size issue.

I love how it says "Pokey". She would get such a laugh over that. I wish I could hear her laugh just one more time. And her smile was always so sincere. She deserves the beauty of this headstone, and so much more.

I miss you, mom. I love you.


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