Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Oy vey, people. I cannot make it through another night like last night. Or the night before, for that matter. Pacing around the house, trying everything to keep my legs busy so they won't drive me crazy!

I have restless legs syndrome.

Go ahead, laugh. I do. What a stupid name for a miserable problem! It sounds so stupid, like having blinking eyes syndrome, or beating heart syndrome.

But it sucks. And my poor bod can't take it much longer! I have tried everything. Cutting back on my caffeine, hot baths before bed, light covers, distractions, stretching, pacing, kicking, screaming and eventually crying.

Normally I only deal with this problemo when I'm pregnant, and NO! I'm not pregnant, so don't even go there. We're done, remember? But at least with pregnancy I know I only have to deal with it for a few weeks, maybe a month, but this is relentless.

So maybe I'll try a good long walk today, since it will be 70 here, and perhaps a nice muscle relaxer, courtesy of my Shrink.

If I come back in a pissed off mood tomorrow, you'll understand, right? I knew you would.


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