Monday, July 6, 2009

Festive? Why Yes!

I had a weekend.

I mean a good weekend.

I slept in. I golfed. I birdied. We BBQed. I fell over backwards in a lawn chair and bruised some ribs. (What? Like you're surprised at my gracefulness? Do you not know me at all?)

I attended a parade at 9:00 AM, a softball game at 2:00 PM, and fireworks at 8:00 PM.

The fireworks were Lame-O. But we sat in the McDonald's parking lot and let the kids run around like chickens with no heads, and that was pretty fun.

Here's Sugar Daddy putting the "ass" in classy. Yes, that is a can of Dewski at his feet while he pitches at the softball game. Yes, he's also wearing flip-flops. Yes, he played the entire game that way. No, I don't think his team won. I don't think any team won. It wasn't that kind of game.

Today we had church (Yes, I went) and friends over for dinner. Cheese stuffed meatloaf. A joy had by all. I saw my first lightening bug, and discovered there isn't anywhere we know of in Lake County to purchase dry ice.

These are the things we talk about over dinner.

The holiday was awesome. Most summer days have been, so far. It's a nice reprieve from last summer when things were a little more stressful. I'll have a post about that tomorrow.

How was your holiday?

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nikkipicky said...

Well you know...You just can't beat the good ole Riverton Fireworks. They are the Best!!

Glad your summer is good. You do deserve it after the last one. :)

grannybabs said...

I did almost nothing - did go to the Scout Pancake Breakfast!

But then, I enjoy doing nothing!!

Kelli said...

We had a good weekend but missed you guys. There was nobody in town so we hung out with part of my family. You know, Wendy is so fun to hang out with!

But the Riverton fireworks were good! Especially from the Devey's backyard.

Jill Johnson said...

Dry ice is hard to find here too! Maybe it's because those kids started making bombs out of it. Damn them. Glad your weekend was fun. We didn't even get to see one firework!