Thursday, July 9, 2009

Return of the Blogger

Hi all.

It's been a while. Remember me? Man oh man, has this been a crazy summer. And guess who has absolutely no pictures to show for it? Yep, not a one.

See, the thing is this. We got passes to Six Flags Great America. We've been every day this week. As much as I love it there, I don't dare take my good camera. I'm sure somebody would steal it. It's not one I can just put anywhere, either. It's a big, stick-out-like-a-sore-thumb kind of camera.

But we're having fun, I swear. I think those passes have saved us hundreds of dollars, and zillions of "mom, I'm bored"'s. Priceless, I tell you. It's nice to be able to just go for an hour or two, or spend the whole day, depending on our mood. Maggie is getting really brave, and even did Triple Play, one of my favorite rides. She's been a real trooper. Gretta loves it, and Emma thinks it's cool that she's tall enough to go on most of the rides. We enjoy the water park, especially people watching. It's amazing what people think appropriate water park attire consists of.

Tonight we're having a girls night out. It's Coasters After Dark, and it's from 10Pm-Midnight, and it's only for Season Pass holders. The menfolk get to stay home with the kidlets, and the women get to go off and play like teenagers. I'm sure we'll have a great time. We always do.

So there you have it. That is my life right now. Summers are hard blogging times. I'll be so much better when school is back in. Maggie will start Kindergarten, and has the morning session, so my mornings will be nice and easy, just like last year. That opens up a lot of time to blog.

Aren't you looking forward to the return of the blogger? I know I am.

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ClistyB said...

HOLY SMOKES! I grew up in Santa Clara, CA and we have a Great America, too! The Mariott family owned it originally, then the city, then 6 Flags, then Paramount, now Cedar Faire has it I think. But I didn't know there was another Great America!! SO many of the rides are the same, even the names. LOVE LOVE LOVE Triple Play, the Demon, I could go on and on.
I had passes from grade 6 on, and we got them once the kids were born, too. Well worth the money.
Ok, so you can see I have major childhood connections with those rides, now I want to go see your Great America. Im all giddy now.

Kelli said...

It sounds like Clisty wants to visit. Can I come too?

I have been trying to do the same with my kids. We have done something everyday whether its the park or Lagoon or swimming. Have fun because the time goes by way too fast.

grannybabs said...

I have been terrified of amusement park rides for as long as I can remember. The day I turned 21, I said, "I'm an adult now, I no longer have to pretend to like them."

But I'm certainly happy that they bring you joy!

nikkipicky said...

I didn't ride the white roller coaster until I was in the 8th grade and we went for lagoon day. Then I have been lovin' all the scary rides ever since.

Glad your girls love the rides.

Darci & Devin Buhl said...

Okay, so I tried the lock on the door thing for the first time last it just me or do you totally feel like the worst mom ever when they scream? At one point, Madeline stopped crying, knocked and said, Please Mom? So Sad. I almost caved. Don't get me wrong, it is SO worth the extra sleep...thanks for the idea:)

Laura said...

Six Flags is so much fun! I hope you had so much fun with the girls night- sounds nice to weed out the men and non-season passers to make good time with the rides! Big long lines suck!

Phoebe said...

That pretty much sounds like the best GNO EVER!

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