Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Live And Breathe

I'm here, I promise.

I'm in Utah enjoying family time and hot, hot weather.

Heat makes me bitchy. It makes my back hump sweat, and it makes me swear.

It's not pretty.

We've had a good trip so far. The kids did great on the flight to LA. We had a great day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. We stayed with Aunt Barbara, who we all love, and had a great visit with Donna, Mary, and Grandma Mary.

We drove to Vegas, and Gretta is lucky she didn't get drop kicked on the way there. She has this high pitched squeal, and when she doesn't get exactly what she demands, when she demands it, the squeal comes out in full force. I just about lost it. But, luckily for her, I brought along some extra happy pills, and life was soon good again.

Jill's was fun, as always. She has the best drop in house. Everytime we stay there, it reminds me of my mom's, and how people just automatically felt at home there. Jill's is the same way. We also enjoyed Elise's new pool, which at 12 feet deep, is one of the funnest to dive to the bottom of.

Now we're here at the Clayton's for a week, and soon there will be a wedding to attend. Life is good. I miss my family so much. I love being here seeing them. But I think I'm making a turn for adulthood, because I miss my life in Chicago, too.

And Noel, I totally owe you for watching the ferocious beast for me. Love you long time!

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hanner said...

Moab's motto is "But it's a dry heat!" I don't understand how a dry heat is any better. Well, sometimes, because humid heat sucks. BUT STILL.

Noel said...

The Utah heat!! Still not as bad as the heat here. Only it hasn't even got to 80 here!! WTH! It's July!

So whats up with Gretta? Did she call your name the whole drive? And you had the ear plugs right? Poor darlin'. She probably just wanted a can of pop :)

Member how I said it was because of the BFF's that I was surviving? In full meltdown mode now! Not a pretty sight. I am not the one wanting to swear tho. I got Garold to drop the F bomb at me yesterday. Let's see what I can stir up today. How many more hours till you get home?!?

Have fun in Utah. So wish I was there. I would probably crash the wedding too! Remember how you are missing the Chi-town BFF's??

nikkipicky said...

Enjoy your family time even if it is hotter than hades. Hope the wedding goes good and everyone is happy. :)

Kate said...

Glad you are having fun! I feel your pain with Gretta. Im in the same battle here. Not with Cayden but Madison.

We have a WHOLE stack of pictures that Madison made for Maggie. It would cost me a fortune to send them all!!

grannybabs said...

Loved seeing all of you!! Enjoy - it could be 1955 when none of the houses and very few of the stores even had fans!!

Gretta is so cute - have to forgive her 2-year old behavior - she is really a typical 2-year old after all.

And her lovely sisters are setting good role models - she will be fine!!

Angela said...

I LOVE the heat comment! Last summer, when I was pregnant, my husband parked the car blocks away from where we would be sitting at a parade. We got out the stroller, my daughter, started walking, and I said "nope, too hot". We got back in the car and drove around until we could find a closer spot.
I HATE the heat!!