Monday, July 20, 2009

Since We Can't Get Enough Cheese

I love Wisconsin. It is honestly one of the prettiest places I've been in my lifetime. The rolling hills, the endless corn fields, and the cheese. Oh, the cheese. I heart cheese. And it seems like anywhere you go in Wisconsin, cheese is around.

This time we stayed at a way nice camp ground. No rednecks here. There were tons of activities for the kids, and they had a snack bar with, you guessed it, cheese nachos.

Sugar Daddy was in heaven. He loves a snack bar, and especially one with Wisconsin cheese on it's nachos.

There were canoes and kayaks for rent. We brought our own kayaks, so we didn't have to worry about using the ghetto ones they provided.

Speaking of kayaks, you may notice that Chad is floating down river holding onto 2 upside down ones. Seems strange, since there is only one of him, doesn't it?

Fear not, Sugar Daddy wasn't far behind him. He had been fishing around in the river bed for his glasses. See, he and Chad were bored with the slow speed of the river, so they had to liven things up a bit with a paddle war, and all out extreme kayak fight. I think Chad came away with little more than a dozen mosquito bites, and Sugar Daddy ended up with a good size bruise on his belly.

Brooke and I braved the river also, and had a leisurely float, until the time came to exit the kayak for the portage around the dam. Turns out, my width and the width of the kayak are exactly the same, and when you get wedged in the opening of the cockpit, the boat tends to flip over. Now I know.

Noel was grouchy. Here she is getting in a better mood, nursing her Diet Coke. After this, she was literally a happy camper. Her flip flops ended up finding their way into the fire, but it was worth it to have a good laugh.

And finally folks, I leave you with this. It's a "boat" with a motor tied onto a canoe. Or what I like to call, the redneck side car. Can you say cheesy?

All in all it was a good time. It always is. Mark and Kelley drove up for Friday night, which was awesome of them with a teeny tiny baby in tow. Brooke's parents also drove an hour to spend the evening with us. The food was good, the company was great, and it was nice to come home and sleep in my own bed.

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Keli said...

I think that your blog post is awesome. Cept that Noel friend of yours seems pretty wierd even though I have heard she is a major -itch..that's what they say!! Anyho.. love love love ya!! Thanks for all the good times. What will I do without you for a few weeks??? Probably just stalk you in various ways :)

Noel said...

hey! who is talkin smack bout me??

and BTW- Keli, we all know what kind of chesse...

Kelli said...

Looks like so much fun! Sounds like I need to go stock up on the cheese for next week! Can't wait to see you guys.