Thursday, October 8, 2009


My kids are funny in the mornings. One of them is completely content with a sippy cup of milk, one of them thinks any sort of cereal is pretty cool, and the other one thinks she needs 2 eggs, scrambled, to start her day. I'll let you deduce which kid likes which.

Okay, I'll tell you.

When school first started this year, I was giving the kids cereal just like I have every other day for the last 4 years of school. Obviously this means Emma is my cereal kid. But with Mags, it wasn't doing the trick. She would come home from school and be in this weird zombie like state. Now, I don't mean just tired or bored, it was like she couldn't function. She would just sit and stare into space. And it would last for hours. At first I thought she just needed to get out of the house, so we started doing bike rides or walks around the block. It didn't really help that much. Then, after some great insight from my awesome mother in law, I decided it might be a sugar thing. So I started giving her eggs in the morning.

It was like a magic bullet.

The very first day we did eggs, she came home in a great mood, had much less desire to eat snacks all day, and she seemed like her normal self. It changed her whole demeanor. She was happy, engaged, and had more energy.

Luckily, whatever it is isn't serious, because I had her sugar checked at her Kindergarten physical (which is a whole nother post in itself). I guess it just took something like this for me to see first hand that what we put into our bodies really does make a difference.

But Emma, she's still perfectly content to eat cereal. And Gretta, she'll stick with her sippy cup, and sometimes she'll eat the leftover eggs.

Me, I'll have a Coke, please. I didn't say I needed to watch what I put into my body.

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bet[c] said...

My kids are the same way. Isaac has to eat a full (and I mean really big) breakfast. Eggs, toast, fruit, and yogurt. Or french toast, or breakfast tacos, or sausage biscuits. But not pancakes with syrup or just cereal. He would come home from school and fall apart at the slightest thing. So now, no cereal, or syrup. Also has to eat a really big lunch and 2 big snacks (with protein). So I spend my mornings cooking and packing lunches. Takes a bunch of time. I'm not a morning person. But it's better than the melt downs.

I had a ding dong for breakfast. Of course I crashed 1/2 hour later. But it tasted good.

Kelli said...

Isn't that funny how we make our kids eat good things and we eat whatever we want.

Maybe Eli needs some eggs, he does the same thing. He comes home from school and he is so ornery and tired.

nikkipicky said...

I'd much rather have eggs. I really DONT like cold cereal much..except the occasional bowl of frosted cheerios. Unlike my husband and son who could eat it three times a day. Especially at night. Funny that the cereal made her so tired. Something to think about for sure.

Kelley Rae said...

Umm...I'm a cold cereal girl. I'd eat it for every meal if I could. Sometimes I do. . . Guess I need to rethink that Ü