Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Well, today has been a good day. I realize I've been MIA the last few days, but there has been a lot going on .

I'll recap.

Sean had surgery yesterday, and for those of you that follow me on Facebook, you understand when I tell you all is back to normal. Wink, wink. His hernia is hereby fixed, and he is in good spirits, and moving around like a regular person.

We have started finalizing our move to Utah. Luckily, most of our stuff was in boxes. Unluckily, most of the stuff in boxes needs to be reorganized as store/do not store stuff. A totally different way of packing. But Sean has had lots of free time on his hands, so he made a very decent dent in that situation.

Gretta had her 3 year check up. She's 30 pounds, and smart as a whip. In fact, the doctor said she's so smart, she's too smart for diapers. Gretta took this to heart, and when she woke up the next morning, she refused to put on a diaper, because she's "too mart, mom". So she's potty trained. Seriously, like 1 day, and it was done. Who knew?

It snowed pretty good today. The good kind of snow where it's not too cold outside, and the kids want to go out and play. We went to the local sledding hill, after buying an extra sled for $30! I'm sooooo tempted to return it now that we're done with it. Would that be dishonest? Yeah, I thought so too. So we sledded, and the kids had a blast. Then we went to Liz's house, and met the elusive husband. He works evening shifts, and so none of us have ever met him. We started doubting his existence at all. But I'll bear witness, he does exist, and he's very nice. We approve, Liz. ;)

Christmas is knocking at the door, and I can't believe it! I hope we're ready. I think we are, but you know how the doubt starts seeping in when it gets down the wire? Yeah, I'm at that stage. I plan on starting wrapping tonight, so we'll see if I'm in full blown crazy mom mode tomorrow, or if I can just sit back and relax.

I've been pondering a lot on the things I'll miss about Illinois. There are so many things, that I think I'll have to do a bunch of separate posts just for them individually. I'm sure that will be so boring for most of you, but I need to write it down so I don't forget this time we've spent here. It dawned on us the other day that we'll most likely be driving back to Utah 2 years to the day from when we left. It's like we had a little mission out here. I think that warrants a homecoming party, don't you?

So that's all for now. I'll be writing more this week as Christmas nears, and my anxiety peaks at code red.

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grannybabs said...

I've had hernia surgery myself and it's not too bad. Glad to hear Sean is doing well.

And kids do train themselves when they are ready - we usually have to wait them out though!

And you probably did have a mission in Illinois - and you maybe won't figure it out for a few years. Or maybe it will come to you sooner. Either way, God's in his heaven and all is indeed right with the world. (phrasing liberally borrowed from Robert Browning!!)

Perhaps we will see you more often now! You can even pencil in the Clayton reunion in 2011!!

Steve and Tina said...

Welcome back! Missed you the last few days. I know, I am lame and I don't always comment but you always make for a good read. Nice to hear "everything" is back to normal for Sean.

Really, you're really leaving? I am still in denial I guess. Tell Sean no heavy lifting, you don't need anything else blowing up, there's plenty of manpower around to help out.

Meg & Josh said...

I would LOVE to throw you a Homecoming party!!! You will have to wait for me to get home from the warm-ness that is the Bahamas though first. :) Can't wait to have you back!

Two years, wow, that's crazy. It feels like forever. :)

Nurse Heidi said...

Well for goodness sake, you deserve a kid that self potty trains right now! Things are looking up, and they WILL work out. See you when you get back here :).

Miranda said...

Glad to hear Sean is on the mends. Where will you reside in Utah. How are the girls feeling about the move? Are you excited to be "home" again? Good luck to you and the fam. I've loved following you and look forward to more.

Anonymous said...

What?? Buy a sled and then return it?? ;)

LIZ said...

Thanks for your approval. It was nice having you guys over, thanks for inviting us to go sledding with you. We are really going to miss you when you leave, all Areya ever talks about is Maggie. She will be heart broken when the day finally comes.

mandee said...

The Lord works in mysterious ways! I am wishing you all the best for your holiday and the drive! Oh, and if you have a party and don't invite me...there will be trouble! LOL! Glad Sean is doing better! And you gotta love those dr.s who know just what to say!