Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Speechless, Part 2

So after a night of major surprise, toilet facebooking, and yummy French Onion soup, we headed home to enjoy our evening together. Jill and Meg brought Christmas gifts with them for the girls, and for me, so we opened up gifts, stayed up late talking, and finally hit the hay when I could take no more.

Then next morning, we woke up, chated for a couple of hours in the kitchen over Cokes and M&M's, and then headed out to the city for our evening. After getting a little car sick on the way there, we checked in to our room, which only had one bed, thankyouverymuch, and no fan in the bathroom. With Meg's intolerance to cream sauce, and our intended culinary destinations, this worried us.

We set off for Petterino's, our fave Theater District haunt. We were lucky enough to have found this place when we all went to see Wicked 2 years ago. We had an hour or so to kill before the play started, so our tour guide (another story, another day) suggested it. My mom loved this place. It had delicious home cooking sort of snooty food, and the walls are covered in Caricatures of famous Chicagoans.

So our hostess seats us, and to our amazement, she seats us at the exact same table that we sat at with my mom. It was amazing. We all had a moment. So we get settled, which for Jill and Meg includes practically disrobing since they aren't quite used to the Chicago wind chill yet, and as we sit down to peruse the menu, we hear a haunting voice from the past.

"Hey, Ya'll, here's some bread".

We gasped in unison. It was the exact same waiter we had 2 years ago with my mom. I'm sure the look of shock on our faces scared the wits right out of our animated garcon, but after we explained to him the situation, he practically wept along with us. It was total serendipity. He wasn't even supposed to be working that day, and had been called in at the last minute. Small miracles.

After our 3 hour late lunch, we headed back across the street to the German Christmas festival so Jill could score come cute mittens and a hat. We got our pictures taken by the tree in Daley plaza, and shopped up and down Michigan Avenue. We even outshopped Jill. This never happens. She pooped out, and I am still in shock.

We returned to our hotel, had some interesting girls talk, and decided we were hungry again. So we decided on Pizano's, one of Oprah's favorite pizza joints. Gnocchi in pesto sauce with pine nuts and deep dish vegetarian pizza was our late night "snack". It was as delicious as it was calorie laden.

Luckily for us, Sugar Daddy had heard of our one bed situation, and called the hotel to request a rollaway bed for us. I was the lucky one to sleep alone, which ended up being a good thing, because Meg likes to spoon.

Don't you just love my pictures? What? There's no pictures, you say? Oh. Well, I can't find my camera cord just yet, so you'll have to go to Meg's blog and Jill's blog for pics.

Stay tuned for part 3 coming tomorrow.

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Meg & Josh said...

Hey, lucky for me, Filene's Basement had the closest restroom. Fan included. :)

Kelli said...

Yum, I want some of that gnocci and pizza!