Friday, May 7, 2010


Today's FFF is more for me than you. Sorry.

When do you become a "runner" as opposed to someone who runs? I've never really been either of these until recently. And I've mostly counted myself as someone who runs. You know how it is, I go out, run until I can't run no more, then go home, binge eat on Pringles and Coke, and wonder why I can't beat my best time of a 30 minute mile.

Until today. Today was different.

So far my best distance has been 4.6 miles. Not bad, I know. I almost stroked out the last 100 yards, but I didn't, and I recovered. Today I topped that with 5.18 miles. Pretty stinking good, if I do say so myself. And specific. 5.18. Not 5.2. Not 5.1. 5.18.

Somehow I must have stepped in concrete at the last turn, because my feet literally felt like they had cement blocks on them. I've never felt that before. I almost blew chunks on some dudes lawn, but I held it in, and continued "running", which was really more like a drunken stumble, for the last .18.

That was when I knew I had become a runner.

Happy Friday!

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nikkipicky said...

I'm just flat out jealous!!.....

However, obviously not jealous enough to get off my a@$ and run myself. Even though I dream of running and like it. I mean dream about running at least once a week.

You are a super star runner.

P.S. Bailee LOVES her hair color and her bangs. Thank you tons. ;)

Sara said...

Nice job. It's that distance you run after you feel like you'll die...that's when you get stronger. Keep it up!

RyLiE TiMm said...

hey keli! thanks so much for doing my hair!! i LOVE it! your so awesome and i miss you guys so much hopefully i can see you soon.

grannybabs said...

Hmmm - I think you are getting serious.

(I hang out with a lot of runners - that's where I get my expertise!!)

Good luck!

Nurse Heidi said...

:)! Time to sign up for a race! And to talk about fuel. I've got all sorts of unsolicited advice for you ;).

bonny with a Y said...

i love that you are now a runner. maybe it will inspire me to get my rear in gear and become one as well.