Monday, May 17, 2010

Southern Comfort

We headed to Vegas last week to visit my sister and take on Lake Mead. Those of you that follow me on Facebook (which should be all of you, because if you think this blog is hilarious, you'll love my over the top, way too personal status updates), have seen my fancy schmancy Hipstamatic For iPhone pics from our trip.

It was good times.

We ate lots, played lots, skied lots, swam lots, applied sunscreen lots, drank cokes lots, and drove lots. How can that not be fun? Really, it was a blast.

Then Boomer died. He was my sisters dog. That pretty much put a huge damper on the whole week. He got hit by a car. That's not technically what killed him. Sean was around, so he did his dogly duty and rose to the occasion. It has sort of become Sean's job in this family. I'm pretty sure every family has one. No? Oh.

Well, despite that, we had a good time. Except Boomer. Poor little dude.

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grannybabs said...

It's good to get away and have fun. I'm counting the days until school is out - we go till June 18th.

nikkipicky said...

Poor poor Boomer. Were all the kids traumatized?

Plus my sis spaced getting you my package....she had to fork over the bucks to mail it instead. Loser. Thanks for the willingness though.