Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mom's Day Week

I totally got spoiled this year for Mother's Day. I usually do, but especially this year.

First, I splurged and bought myself some new running shorts. I've been running in my tennis shorts with a bike jersey and golf socks and walking shoes. I had to upgrade at least one of these items. Sean said I could do it, so I counted my new shorts as my gift. And I was absolutely thrilled!

Then I got my hair done. Cut, colored, and highlighted. And by someone else! It's been years since I've had anyone else color my hair. It looks great! So I counted that, too, and figured I was good to go.

But then he said I should get a new outfit for our trip to Lake Mead on Monday. I couldn't let him down, so I had to get new capris, a shirt, and a cute new swimsuit cover up. I was definitely good to go, and I felt so spoiled! Life is good.

Then yesterday, after my second run of the day (I had to try out my new shorts after they arrived!), Sean took me to get my iPod screen cover fixed. Little did I know that he had something more in mind. It was also time to upgrade my phone, so I scored a new iPhone! We also got Sean one, because the business can pay for them, and it was only $10 more for him.

So now I totally feel spoiled. I mean, I should, because we all know I'm totally the mother of the year and all, but how will I ever top this for Father's Day? I will, because I already know what Sean is getting and he. will. love. it!

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As a Man Thinketh said...

I wonder what I am getting for Father's Day?????

grannybabs said...

Happy Mother's Day.

Is it an iPad?