Monday, June 14, 2010


Remember that one time I posted about having more babies? Turns out I don't need to worry about it.

My sisters have taken care of that for me.

Now I am the only biological sister that isn't with child. (Kelli isn't either, as far as I know, but since she isn't technically a sister, she doesn't count. But I count her as a sister, just so you know.)

That's right, Jill is with child, as is Meg.

Meg didn't even tell me. Even when we went to lunch together and I had to drop her off at her Ladytown doctor and I jokingly said I felt like I was dropping her off for an abortion. Even when we were at Lake Mead with her for a week. Even when I told her she shouldn't be holding Gretta in her condition, ha ha. Even when I told her her boobs looked big and her face was breaking out and she was peeing like every 2 minutes instead of every 5.

Do you feel guilty yet, Meg?


I love it! I love that I "knew" and she was stubborn enough to keep it a secret until she was ready to tell. I love that I have 2 new family members on the way that I get to spoil and love and adore. I love that even though I am the only barren sister, I'm totally okay with that.

And I love my sisters. All 3 of them.

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Tina said...

c'mon Kel, take one for the team, wouldn't that be awesome to have kids all the same time? Anyway, you have a knack for knowing when one is with child, you made some comments to me and I didn't even know I was pregnant :o)

Darci Buhl said...

You know you don't HAVE to be barren, right? You could totally hop on the baby bandwagon and we would all be more than okay with it....You DO make cute ones.
But if you want to be barren, well fine:)
Tell Meg congrats next time you see her! I am so happy for them. New house, now baby, how fun!

Larissa said...

I totally noticed Meg's boobs were bigger! I almost asked her what kinda bra she was wearing...but now I'm glad I didn't! I don't want what she has to make 'em bigger! Well, I do but I would have some serious explainin' to do...congrats Meg!

Larissa said...
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nikkipicky said...

Yay for Meg! Can you honestly say you are barren?....or Barren by choice.! Those babies will need cousins close to their age you know. ;)

Xazmin said... have such a way with words! I'm glad I have a new blog to read.

Yeah, I know, I know, you commented on mine forever ago, and I've barely made it through to those comments to find you here...I've been busy, okay?

So glad to be back in touch with ya!

mandee said...

Congrats to them both and I am so glad it's them and not me!!! LOL!

Kelley Rae said...

Just give in, c'mon . . . everyone is doing it! It would be a great Father's Day present for Sean. . . ;)

Meg & Josh said...

Ok, I DID feel a bit guilty lying about the ladytown dr appointment, but thanks for the ride! :) and Yes, my boobs are huge. Larissa, thanks for noticing!!

Meg & Josh said...

Oh, and you should totally have another one....

Kelli said...

I will remain barren with you! And thanks for considering me a sister....I love it!