Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Honor Code

Sean started back to school today. Normally when my kids start school, I do a dance on the table because I'm overjoyed to have my days back to normal.

Today, I didn't really do that. I'm sort of sad to lose my househusband. He's been doing all the wifely duties (well, not all of them, I'm still the only one who can do certain things of that nature), and that has given me a lot of time to run, and work, and read, and just hang out. See, I'm sad.

He did have to do something that he dreads though. He had to shave off his goatee. Well, it's not really a goatee, because I think a true goatee involves connecting chin hair to lip hair, and he cannot for the life of him grow lip hair. So maybe that makes it just a goat. Or maybe just a Tee. Anyway, he told me he was jealous of me. Not because I get to stay home and chill with the kids, but because I get to keep my mustache.


I think he's just jealous.

And for the record, I work dang hard at keeping this puppy at bay. We're talking Nair, hot wax, plucking and lots and lots of praying. It's not my fault that he had to sign the honor code and I didn't. Maybe I'll let it grow out just to spite him.

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Kelli said...

I will grown one out with you! We will make him really jealous.

That is just too funny!

mandee said...

ROFL! Way too funny! Is he going to the "Y"?

brightonislove said...

Oh the joys of the honor code. Him and Juston can complain together.

Kelley Rae said...

ha ha! Love it. You guys crack me up!