Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Not You, It's Me

It's June, which means a couple of things around here.

First, it means snow. Covering the lawn, the car, filling up the gutters, and flying through the air in clouds of white. No, we do not live below the equator. No, we do not live in the Arctic Circle.

Mmm, Arctic Circle chocolate brown topper, mmm. Oh, sorry, I was distracted by the idea of ice cream there for a sec.

Snow, yes, snow. Not the cold kind of snow, but the fluffy, cottony, sneeze inducing tree slough that drives me crazy. I do not for the life of me understand why people plant Cottonwood Trees deliberately. People, they shed. They're gross. Yes, I understand they grow like weeds, maybe that should be a clue. Anyway, all the tree snow made me cut my run short this morning, so that really put me in a mood.

Second, it means blog slacking time. You know, I take off every summer because life just gets too crazy to blog every day. Remember that one year I decided to take off for the summer and ended up having to not only blog daily on my own blog, but start a new blog while my mom died of cancer? Yeah, that was a great summer off from blogging. This summer let us all pray to whomever you choose to pray to that I won't ever have to do that again. Ever. Thanks.

So I'll be on and off, you know, when something awesome happens, like when I win the Publishers Clearinghouse $10,000,000 or when I spontaneously lose 50 pounds. You can totally bet I'll blog about those things. But for the most part, lower your expectations of me just this once. It's nothing personal, I promise. I still love you. I do.

I do.

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nikkipicky said...

Don't get too comfortable with your summer blog laziness...We will be looking for your intermittant visits and your return.

Kathie said...

I hate Cottonwood trees!!! Let's hope for a boring, relaxing summer and nothing to blog about-- unless you win the pch sweepstakes and then you can share the win with me:)

rabidrunner said...

Does this mean you're about to quit blogging, right about the time I found you? Rats!

grannybabs said...

It's funny because I have more time in the summer to blog.

Be sure to post the big news anyway!!

Kelli said...

You will still blog more often that I will!

mandee said...

I am with you on those dang trees! I am sneezing like crazy! My neighbor has one and it is just shedding like crazy!

As for as you wish! We still love you too!