Friday, January 14, 2011

Because I'm Totally Failing

As you may notice, I have accumulated exactly 0 miles toward my goal of running 26.2 miles this month. I'm a winner. First month in and I'm already failing.

I have lots of good excuses, though. This reminds me of an ancient Chinese proverb that Sean reminds me of repeatedly.

"Excuses are like butt holes. Everyone has one, and they all stink."

Ahh, poetry.

In an attempt to quell the voices of failure that are rampant in my head right now, I am actually doing something good for my body. I am currently, as we speak, presently, eating a cup of fruit.

Eating would be a word I'm using loosely, because mostly I'm gagging it down one piece at a time.

I searched out a specific kind of fruit cup, the ones that are being advertised as being packed in 100% juice, because I thought they would be easier to eat than the ones packed in ooey gooey syrupy ick.

Turns out, the juice packed ones aren't making it that much easier on my fruit-phobic palate.

But it is thwarting the failure feeling inside me by distracting the voices from saying "nee nee nee nee nee, we knew you couldn't do it!" to a glom of confusion with this new healthy snack.

Just when I think the voices have triumphed, they are the ones that are failing! Take that, voices! Ha!

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grannybabs said...

The photo looks absolutely luscious!!

nikkipicky said...

I looked at your post earlier today and have been craving fresh fruit ever since. Which of course, it is almost impossible to find any of the good stuff. Thanks so much.

Laura said...

I was going to ask if you were gagging it down but you answered my question...those melon balls look so good, I'd kill for a fresh melon. Mmm!

amy k said...

Why did you post such a good looking photo? We don't even get that good of fruit during the summer here. Can't wait til summer when there are fresh fruit and fresh veggies.

Sean Clayton said...

I love good, fresh melons too.