Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's A Girl

That title got your attention, huh?


This is all about my Gretta, my baby, the one and only fetus of which we knew the sex, turning 4 years old today.

She got a new bike and a new helmet. She was in heaven. She said "Thank you" a million times today. It was adorable.

She also got a new snowglobe. The one she had from Christmas broke, and she was devastated. Emma was very thoughtful and found this one for her at the hospital gift shop. (That's a whole nother post.)

I can't believe my baby is 4. Where has the time gone? She was once a sweet, wriggling mass of babyness, and now she is a preschooler, and a stinker.

I miss those days of she and I chilling at home, her in her helmet, me in my, well, not helmet. I miss her crazy flailing arms and her pterodactyl scream. I miss her crawling, her crib full of stuffed animals, and the swish of her diaper as she toddled around the house. Those days pass so quickly, it's hard to remember what the day to day life was like back then.

Now I love having her as my eternal sidekick, always intent on being right in the middle of whatever I'm doing. I love that she'll talk and talk, and talk, and then suddenly be asleep, practically mid sentence. I love that she can buckle her own seat belt! I love that she will get dressed by herself, and help herself to my cookie stash under my nightstand. I love that she loves to fall asleep in my bed at night, and that she will tell me she has "logged off" the computer when she's done playing.

She is such a big girl, and a great helper. I love having her home with me and Maggie to keep us both company. She is a great little sister, and I'm lucky to have her.

Happy birthday, Gigi. We love you!

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Kylie said...

It's so crazy how old these kids are! I certainly can't believe my baby is almost 4 either. Happy Birthday Gretta!

DAY said...

FOUR?!? no way! i would have guessed 2 at the most 3. has it really been that long? it does seem like last month when she was this adorable binky doting baby w/ big blue eyes and a petite little body only to make up for it with personality Ü i remember her loving to run around in her diaper and where water was, Gretta was there too! i hope she had a GREAT birthday even if she was turning the ripe old age of 4!!