Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dare I dream?

It seems as though Spring has sprung. If even temporarily, it's a sweet reprieve from the Arctic blast of a Winter we've had. The grass is green(ish), and for the moment it is free of the mushy swampiness that has been impeding our traipsing across it for the last week or so.
And from the looks of Gretta's eyes, the sun is apparently shining.

The girlies took part in a game, if short, of airplane. Playing Princesses was next, and that was much more fun.

Maggie has found a "perfect hiding spot, Mom," in our outside TV nook. It would be perfect, you know if it wasn't completely open to the rest of the yard!

And of course, this gave Emma swift permission to hop atop the nook and strike a pose.

Even Bebe had a little fun in the sun today. She was missing for approximately 2 hours. Considering she's in heat, and has been feverishly humping anything that will remain stationary for more than a few seconds, I'm a little concerned we may be having some puppies here in the next 64 days or so. My neighbor 4 houses down brought her back, saying Bebe had been sitting on her back porch waiting to go inside. Apparently their house looks a lot like mine. Or Bebe is kinda dumb. I'm sticking with the latter.

But not all was lost, even if we do end up with some little Shiht's, because my neighbor excitedly invited us to attend the first annual neighborhood "Flamingo Friday". Which I think is code for "letting the kids play in the house of the week's backyard, while the parents drink themselves silly". I don't know about you, but I'm SO THERE!

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