Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Fun

I was awakened this morning by Gretta crying in her crib. It was 4:18AM. After a diaper change, a cup of milkie, and some motherly cuddles, I layed her back in her crib and headed to bed myself. 4:35AM. It was then I thought I felt Sean shaking his leg on the bed. And it was then that I heard our bookcase creak very loudly as it settled. Off to dreamland I went. It wasn't until I watched the news this morning that I realized it was an EARTHQUAKE I was feeling! Wow, who knew? Interesting.

So on to todays fun. I'm bored. And I'm curious. About you, my loyal reader(s). Help me out here by playing along.

What is one food item you absolutely will not eat?

-Rule #1- you must have tasted this at least once, and
-Rule #2- it must be an actual food item.

Easy. I'll start.

Tomatoes. Raw. Gross.

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