Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Somebody stop it!

Did anybody watch DWTS last night? I'm all about abbreviating it, too. The title, that is, not my watching it. Although after last nights "performance" by Kylie "tranny" Minogue, I'll certainly be more careful about what goes into my brain. It made me speechless. And that's a hard thing to do with me.

via Dotspotter

Shouldn't somebody have been there to tell her that she looked like a fat tranny? I wonder if her drag nickname would be "All Beef Patty"? That would be mine if I was ever a drag queen, so don't get any ideas about stealing that. I mean seriously, what was with that wig? I understand she has battled breast cancer in the past, but that was what, like 2 or 3 years ago, and her hair has grown out since. So why on earth would she do that to herself? And why oh why would a prestigious institution such as DWTS let such a mediocre performer on stage, especially when she is clearly in the midst of some sort of breakdown? I had higher hopes for DWTS, and for the caliber of performer they could muster up, but it seems as though that train has left the station, and no credible, actual performer would be caught dead doing that show. And after last night, that was the exclamation point on that scenario.

Ah, 'nuff said.

Carry on.

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