Monday, May 19, 2008

Garage Sale

I have entered a new world. A world of junk, dollar bills, and plastic tables and chairs. A world where .25 cents makes all the difference between life and death. A world where, as Sugar Daddy showed us, speaking Spanish can make you many, many friends in a hurry. I can't take much credit for the garage sale. I only had a few maternity clothes and a handful of toys to sell. I think my grand total was $4.50 or something, but it was still fun. This is my neighbor Kate. She is the garage sale guru. She gets the best deals on everything. Plus she totally gets free stuff from, then sells it. What an imagination! If I tried that, I would end up with a car full of junk that no one else wanted. Anyway, she is the greatest neighbor, and my kids love her. She told them they could help her on Saturday with the sale, so at 5:30AM Saturday morning, Maggie gets up, dressed and heads to Kate's to start selling. Yes, 5:30 AM! Luckily, Kate sent her back home, and she didn't go back until 8:00, but since I was sleeping I have no idea what she was doing for those 2 1/2 hours. I'm such a good mom.

So that was my garage sale experience. I don't think I would ever do one on my own. I'm just not that motivated. But it is pretty fun to just chill and chat with the neighbors.

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