Thursday, May 1, 2008


Poor, poor Sugar Daddy.

He snores. Bad. Like, as in fog horn bad. Like, as in he wakes me up several times a night with his baritone scales. Good thing he has perfect pitch.

To remedy this situation, we've made an addition to our bedroom. No, not separate beds, although I wouldn't complain, but something much more high tech. He now has to wear a CPAP to bed. He struggled at first with the face mask, and mostly the not being able to pick his nose all night long, but that's a whole nother post, but now he's doing fine with it. Problem is, he still snores. Hmm, what to do?

The doc has come up with a great new plan. Uvula removal. Say that five times fast. No, seriously, try it. You know you're doing it in you head, aren't you? Yeah, I did it to.

The Uvula is that oddly shaped, (and named) hangy ball thingy in the back of your throaty. Apparently it gets all sleepy and relaxed at night, as any good body part should, and falls backwards and partially blocks off the airway causing snoring, and in Sugar Daddy's case, sleep apnea. Sounds as if removal is the way to go.

So he goes under the knife on May 12th. Can you imagine the pain of having stitches in the back of your throat? I sure can't! But if it gets him, and me, a good nights sleep, it's worth the pain. I mean his pain. But we share pain, cause we're just that close.

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