Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Many Pictures, Few Words

Memorial Day weekend was great. Busy, nice weather, and fun. Can't beat that. Here are the pictures from the ever exciting weekend happenings.

Gretta. Gotta love that face.

She likey her Diet Pepsi.

It was this contraption or a pool.

Maggie in front of the fountain at the Chicago Temple.

And she's off. Gretta loves to go fast in the stroller.

And the Ward BBQ. Hot dogs, warm mayonnaise based food dishes, and merry go-round, bad bad combination. Several kids ended up a little green. Not mine, though.

Emma is still recovering from her Strep. Gretta has learned how to go down the stairs, and Maggie thinks she can stay up late and sleep till 9 or 10. All good things, I think.

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