Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yesterday was Maggie's last day of preschool. She was in a class with only 4 girls, all of them darlings, and the sweetest, most organized teacher EVER. They had an "under the sea" theme for the year, and every activity and story went along with this theme. They learned about recycling trash they find on the beach, and what animals live in the ocean, and colored all sorts of sea creature pictures.
Here is Maggie with Kaitlyn, Jenna, and Taryn. Taryn's family lives just across from our neighborhood, so she and Maggie play quite frequently. It's nice to have a good friend so close.

And here are the girls with their teacher, Kim. She's so nice, and seriously the most organized person I have ever met. And she has very shiny floors. All good qualities in a teacher, don't you think?

And here's Gretta mowing the lawn. She loves outside. Loves it. She will try and go outside the second she wakes up. She walks to the front door and tries to pry it open with her little baby fingers. And then of course, she cries when it won't budge. But this lawnmower kept her entertained for an hour. Although, she can push it, she can't turn it around. So she just walked and walked until she ran into either the street or the hedges. Then someone would turn her around, and off she'd go. What a kid. If only I could get that lawnmower to really mow the grass, I'd be set.

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