Thursday, July 17, 2008


Setting: Watching TV last night. A commercial for some anti-aging miracle face cream comes on. It's the one with Diane Keaton, whom I love, by the way.

Maggie: Wow, mom, you should try that stuff for your face.

Me: Oh yeah? Why?

Maggie: Because then you wouldn't get all those moles on your face.

Me: Really? What moles?

Maggie: You know, pointing all over her face, The ones right here and here and here and here, and everywhere.

Me: Oh, you mean zits.

Maggie: Yeah, zits. Long dramatic pause. Mom?

Me: What?

Maggie: Will I get lots of zits when I'm a mom, too?

Me: Nope. You'll always have perfect skin. Sigh.

I guess this is where I 'splain 'bout my face. I'm stressed. Waaayyy stressed. And we all know what comes along with stress. Zits. And then I eat crap like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Noma's home made awesome chocolate chip cookies, and drink too much Diet Pepsi. And I wonder why I have zits? Maybe I should get some of that magic face cream.

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