Friday, July 25, 2008

I Di

Wow. This has been an eye opening week. You wouldn't believe the amount of vegetables I've consumed this week. Seriously, this never happens. I have a fear of veggies. And fruit. Especially fruit. Unless it's in a shake or baked into a pie. In those cases I love it! But veggies are scary. I'm so afraid that they will taste warm or gushy or rotten. It only takes once, people.

But this week has been one for the record books. I think it has to do with cafeteria salad bars. I've been frequenting those as of late. We even ate outside at the hospital yesterday, how very Grey's Anatomy of us. But this doesn't just end with my consumption of veggies. I know! It gets better.

I ran today. And no, I wasn't being chased. I deliberately ran. I think I got my heart rate up and even perspired a little too. But oh no, there is more! I deliberately ran, and then people, I got on my bike and rode! Oh, yes I did. And I plan to ride again later today. I know! So, if only I could swim a few laps today, I would have done the lazy white girl version of a triathlon.

So if I only do two of those events, does that make it a Di? I like the sound of that.

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